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Bible Language 
Page 1. The Language of Unleavened Bread and the Feast days

​Page 2. The Language of Adam and Eve and the first marriage
Page 3. The Language of the Tabernacle of Moses
Page 4. The Language of the Firstfruits
Page 5. The language of the Priesthood
Page 6. The Language of Mount Sinai
Page 7. The language of David's Tabernacle
Page 8. The Language of Solomon's Temple
Page 9. The Language of the early and latter rains
Page 10. The difference between the language of Jewish customs / traditions and the Law of Moses

Phase 1/ Why I use the King James Bible

Page 1. It is more than a translation Issue!
​Page 2. They found a NEW Greek text
Page 3. Jerome enters the picture
​Page 4. 500 AD? / THE CHURCH / Dark Ages
​Page 5. GOD'S Word is back in the Greek
Page 6. The Council of Trent (1546 AD)
​Page 7. 1881 AD a CHANGE was to take place
Page 8.  Simplifying the Issue
Page 9. The Principle
Page 10. The Apocrypha
Page 11. The Septuagint
​Page 12. Eve - The first revisionists
Page 13. The "Family Tree" method

Phase 2 / God's Purpose and Plan

Page 1. The Old Testament is our blueprint 
Page 2. The blueprint begins with Abraham and ends with Solomon's Temple
Page 3. How the blueprint is fulfilled in the New Testament
Page 4. The 1st. Century Church did not complete the blue print
Page 5. The Church "backslid" into the Dark Ages
Page 6. The Church coming out of the Dark Ages
Page 7. TODAY we are in a transition time heading to the conclusion of God's Purpose

Phase 3/ God's Redemptive Week

Page 1.   God does have a Redemptive Clock!
Page 2.   The Count down began when sin entered the world
Page 3.   The begats of Gen.5 / 2,000 years / Adam to Abraham
Page 4.   Abraham to Christ who was our Passover Lamb kept for four days
Page 5.   Our Calendar is 20-- AD?? / another 2000 yrs / 2 days 
​Page 6.   God works in patterns of weeks (sevens)
​Page 7.   The "certain" Samaritan and the 5th and 6th day
Page 8.   Ark of the Covenant going 2,000 cubits before Israel
Page 9.   Noah and the 120 years
Page 10. Why didn't Jesus return at the end of the 6th day?

Phase 4 / Tabernacle of Moses

Page 1.   Introduction                                                       
Page 2.   The Outer Court
Page 3.   The Brazen (Brass) Altar
Page 4.   The Brazen (Brass) Laver
Page 5.   The Holy Place
Page 6.   The Golden Candlestick (Lampstand)
Page 7.   The Table of Shewbread
Page 8.   The Golden Altar of Incense
Page 9.   The Vail of the Tabernacle
Page 10. The Vail of the Tabernacle (Continued)
Page 11. The Vail of the Tabernacle (Continued)
Page 12. The Prophetic picture in the Vail (Veil)
Page 13. The Most Holy Place

Phase 5/ Daniel's Visions and Prophecies

Page 1.   Nebuchadnezzar's Image (Dan.2:1-9; 31-45)
Page 2.   The ram and the he goat Vision (Dan.8:1-27) -Being edited and added to daily
Page 3.   The cleansing of the sanctuary (Dan.8:14, 26-27)
Page 4.   The Lion, Leopard, Bear and the 4th Terrible Kingdom and Little Horn (Dan.7:1-28)
Page 5.   The overthrow of Persia by the king of Greece, kings of north and south. (Dan.10:1-21; 11:1-45)
Page 6.   Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy / Part One (Dan.9:24-27)
Page 7.   Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy / Part Two (Dan.9:24-27)

Phase 6/ Interpreting the Prophets 

Page 1   Pattern for interpreting the Prophets
Page 2  
Apply the pattern to the Prophet Haggai
Page 3   Apply the pattern to the Prophet Amos
Page 4   Apply the pattern to the Prophet Ezekiel 
Page 5   Apply the pattern to the Prophet Joel

Phase 7/ The Tabernacle of David

Page 1   What was David's Tabernacle?
Page 2   James infallibly interprets the Tabernacle of David
​Page 3   The 1st. Century Church failed twice to enter into the Tabernacle of David, 
               but on the third attempt they were successful 
​Page 4   David's Tabernacle was not the end of their journey
Page 5   David's Tabernacle was a time of preparation for the Temple of Solomon. 
​               (The end of their journey)
Page 6   The Tabernacles of Moses and David functioned together until Solomon's Temple

Phase 8/ The Feast of Passover, Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits

Page 1.   The Feast of Passover / a beginning of months
Page 2.   Passover celebrated on God's time table
Page 3.   All were to keep (Celebrate) the Passover
Page 4.   The Passover [Lamb] was kept for 4 days, then slain
Page 5.   All were to keep the Passover. NO exceptions!
Page 6.   The whole congregation of Israel 
Page 7.   They had to apply the blood 
Page 8.   The Lamb was roasted with fire
Page 9.   They were to eat the Lamb with their loins girded, shoes on and staff in hand
Page 10. The Feast of Unleavened Bread
Page 11. What does "leaven" model for the New Testament?
Page 12. NO leaven to be found in their "house" for seven days
Page 13. Water Baptism puts the "leaven" out of our house
Page 14. The Feast of Firstfruits
Page 15. Jesus fulfilled the "sheaf of the first fruits" in His resurrection

Phase 9/ The Feast of Pentecost

Page 1.   This Feast was 50 days after Passover
Page 2.   It was the first of two great harvests of the year
Page 3.   Why they waited (tarried) for the "promise of the Father?"
Page 4.   Apostle Peter declared "this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel."
Page 5.   Note the language of Joel, Feasts of Israel language
Page 6.   This Feast was a meat (food) offering
Page 7.   It was a NEW meat (Food) offering
Page 8.   There were two wave loaves
Page 9.   The two wave loaves were holy unto the Lord
Page 10. No sevile (Service / labor) work was to be done
Page 11. Pentecost was a confirmation of Christ's resurrection
​Page 12. Pentecost was not the end of the journey

Phase 10/ Eschatology One (Order of events in Revelation)

Page 1.   Our study begins with Jesus Coming back
Page 2.   The dead in Christ will rise first: then those those that are alive and remain
Page 3.   Jesus returns at the sound of the 7th. trumpet
Page 4    The first 6 trumpets must sound before the 7th trumpet  
Page 5.   At the 7th Seal, the seven angels are given the the seven trumpets  
Page 6.   At the 5th trumpet the bottomless pit is unlocked 
Page 7.   The beast / antichrist ascends from the bottomless pit  
Page 8.   The beast / antichrist is revealed and has 42 months to continue and is destroyed by Jesus
                The Harlot woman, two witnesses, seven last plagues (vials / bowls), Babylon falling

                 After Jesus returns there is a 1000 year rest
Page 9.    Amageddon
Page 10.  The Dragon. the beast / antichrist and false prophet is destroyed put in the Lake of fire
Page 11.  After the 1000 year rest all the unsaved (unjust / unjustified in Christ's blood) resurrect
Page 12.  At this same time the Dragon / Satan is released from bottomless pit and deceives 
                 the unjust again
Page 13.  The Dragon and the nations (the unjust that have been resurrected) come 
​                 against the beloved City
Page 14.  They are destroyed and are brought before the Great White Throne
Page 15.  The Revelation 12 Woman and the Man child are the only one's that are protected during the

Phase 11/ The Feast of Tabernacles

Page 1.   Introduction to the Feast of Tabernacles
Page 2.   The Feast of Trumpets / Why we study this Feast
Page 3.   This trumpet sound opens up the Feast of Tabernacles unto the day of atonement!
Page 5.   The Day of Atonement / A brief outline of the day of atonement
Page 6.   The reality / fulfillment is in Christ and His Church / Bride / Why a unity and a cleansing of 
​                people / Sanctuary? (From p.6 Widows copy)
Page 7.   The apostle Paul spoke of this day approaching
Page 8.   How do you see this day?
Page 9.   The 1st Century Church had let this slip
Page 10. Conclusion
Page 11. Why is there a testing and proving?
Page 12. What Aaron did on this day (Link to PHASE 4, 9-)
Page 13. This Feast had the harvest of the Grapes and Olives
Page 14.  Why is the day of Atonement still ahead of us?
Page 15. The Feast of Tabernacles (Booths) / a brief outline

Phase 12/ Eschatology Two (The interpretation of the order of events in Revelation)

​Page 1.   The first seal opened (The Book that Daniel sealed up)
Page 2.   The identification of the white horse (Revival / Harvest / to coming to the marriage)
Page 3.   The interpretation of the 7th Seal (The Marriage of Christ and His Church)
Page 4.   The purpose of the man child
Page 5.   The rise of antichrist
Page 6.   A REVIEW
Page 7.   The antichrist is a copy / counterfeit of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST
Page 8.   The false prophet
Page 9.   The two witnesses
Page 10. The 7th Trumpet
Page 11. Mystery Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots
Page 12.  WARNING: The antichrist shall go out FROM US (The Church)