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XV. There is a prophetic picture in the Vail (Veil)
            (Prophetic meaning in the future). Up to this point we have been paralleling the pattern of the
            Tabernacle to Church History. Like Daniel, we can understand our time / season by paralleling the
            pattern in God's Word (
Jer.29:8-11,Lev.25:1-7 / 2Chron.36:21) to the number of the years (70)...he would
            accomplish in the desolation's of Jerusalem 
(Dan 9:2). (Review: Phase 4. Page 1- 9a)Now we are looking
          into the future
(i.e "things not as seen yet"
[33]Heb.11:7, Matt.24:36-38) using the typical (Heb.9:7-8)
            actions of what Aaron, the high priest did on the day of atonement (Lev.16:1-34).

​             A. The High Priest entering the Most Holy, through the Vail
the Churchis preparing to enter within the Vail according to the pattern signified (Heb.9:8)
by the High Priest and there is no going back! (Review: Building Code Page 2) God has been faithful
                  to the Tabernacle pattern since the Reformation (1517 AD) and is committed to finishing it! (Note:
     Luke.14:25-33, Phil.1:6 / Church History confirms this.[104] (Review: Phase 2 and 4, Pages.1-8) This
                 makes the day of atonement
(entering through the Vail) a "present truth" to our day, because
                  this is next according to the pattern.

1. What is meant by "present truth?"(i.e. the truth that is near) [105]
​                      The "apostles doctrine"
(Acts.2:42)teaches that there is a "present truth" (2Peter.1:12). The
                      "present  truth" for the 1st. Century Church was the truths of the Feast of Pentecost
(Acts.2:1) that
                      included the Feast of Passover.
(Review: PHASE 2, Pages 4-5) However this "present truth" was
                      choked out by the care
[105] of this world (1John.2:16) and they failed to move on with the Spirit of
                      God to experience the reality of Feast of Tabernacles 
(Matt.13:22, Col.2:8, 2Tim:2:4). The end result
                      was a spiritual decline down into the Dark Ages.

                    a. It began with the Reformation(1517 AD)
Brazen Altar

                           Justification by faith in the redeeming blood of Christ was "the present truth" (or the truth that
                           God was near
[105] for that generation) i.e. the "oracle" (utterances from God)[107](1Peter.4:11). 
Review: Phase 2, Page 2. X)

     b. Then the Anabaptist(1522-1800 AD)Brazen Laver
                           Water Baptism by immersion became the next "present truth" which included Justification by
​                           faith in the redeeming blood of Christ.
(Review: Phase 2, Page 3. XI)

                    c. The Pentecostal movement(1906 AD) Candlestick, Table of Shewbread, Altar of Incense
                           The Holy Spirit Baptism
[108] (i.e. immersion in the power / anointing of the Holy Spirit became
                           the next "present truth" (i.e. the truth that is near for the next 100+ years 1906-20--?AD)
During this period of time God has been "establishing" (2Peter.1:12-13; 2:1) these "truths"
                           concerning the anointing of God that brings light / illumination to how the Church (Candlestick)
                           should function, the Communion of the saints (Table of Shewbread) and worship. (The Golden
                           Altar of Incense)

          2. We need to have a hearing ear for the next "present truth"- the Vail
                This is the next phase
, i.e. the next distinct period will complete (or perfect) the forming /
[110]of Eve / The Church (2Cor.11:1-3) so she can be presented as the Bride for Jesus, "the last
                 Adam" (

        B. Why is the Feast of Tabernacles (day of atonement) future to us?        

              1. Because the Feast of Tabernacles has not been fulfilled yet

​                      There were three
[112] set Feasts Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles (Lev.23:1-44). Passover was
                      fulfilled at the Cross, Pentecost on the day of Pentecost but no record of the Feast of Tabernacles
  (Lev.23:23-44) being fulfilled yet. The 1st Century Church was told, look [113] for this day (Heb.5:11

                        -14; 6:1-3; 10:25, Col.2:16-17), but failed to attain[114] it and spiritually declined down to the "dark

                      ages." (Review Phase 2, Page 1, XII - X) However, this Feast [115] will be fulfilled because "the Spirit of
                      Christ (i.e. the Holy Spirit God), through "the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after...have
                      ...foretold of
these days" (Acts.3:18-24, 1Peter.1:10-12, Rom.16:25-26, Zech.14:16).


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