V. The Brazen Laver (Bath)
        The Brazen (brass) Laver was the next piece of future in our approach to God 
(Exod.30:18). It was similar
        to a washing bowl (basin) because the purpose was for Aaron and his son's (the priesthood) to wash their
        hands and their feet before ministering at the Altar
 (Exod.30:17-21). The pattern called for the Laver to be
        placed between the tent (tabernacle) and the Brazen Altar 
(Exod.40:7). Each piece of furniture was to be 
        placed exactly where God said because they were "signifying"
(Heb.9:8) truth's in the "true tabernacle
        which the Lord pitched and not man" 
(Heb.8:1-5; 9:1-26). 


       A. The Brazen Laver was made of the looking glasses of the women     

              Looking glasses were the mirrors
[11] of the women 
(Exod.38:8). James says the Word of God (the 
              perfect law of liberty) is like a "glass," i.e. mirror
(James.1:22-25). Paul, the "wise master builder" 
              (architect) also uses "a glass" (mirror
to describe the Word of God (1Cor.13:9-12; 2Cor.3:1-18,
              Note:v.18). As priests
(2Peter.2:5) we look into the laver, i.e. The Word of God, and it reflects back
 us what needs to be washed. This was daily 
(Exod.30:20; 27:21; 29:34, 39, 41; 30:7 "morning,
              evening, continual")! The pattern has not changed! The Word of God reflects back daily the "image"

              that God wants us to be conformed to 

B. The Laver was filled with water. 
              The purpose of having water was to wash 
(Exod.30:18). This
              is why the Ephesians (as a royal priesthood
1Peter.2:5) were
              told there needs to be the washing (a bath, laver, washing
[64]of water by the word (Eph.5:26), that we might be 
              "changed into the same image"
(2Cor.3:18). This brings in the
              thought of holiness and putting off the old life 
​              Eph.4:22). 
David wrote, "Who shall ascend into the hill of the
              Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean
              hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto
              vanity, nor sworn deceitfully 
(Psa. 24:3-5). This is a pattern,

              daily (Exod.30:20; 27:21; 29:34, 39, 41; 30:7) "morning, evening
​              continual."
C. The priest had to apply the water.  
              If the Priest did not wash, he died 
(Exod.30:20). There were
              those in the 1st Century Church that did not allow the
​              correction, i.e. the Word to wash them and they went into perdition
 (Jude.1:4, 11-13).  They denied the Lord that bought them (2Peter.2:1-3). The same can happen to us if
              we refuse to daily "wash" with the "water of the Word"
(Jam.1:22). Note: 2Thes.2:10-11, "because they
              received not the love of the truth", (i.e. refused to wash with the water of the Word) they will believe a
              lie. This can be seen in the kingdoms of this world today!

    D. The Laver and Water Baptism
              The laver also carries the thought of Water Baptism because it is the next step in our approach to God.
Brazen Altar atoned for sin, but there was no atoning sacrifice offered in or on the Laver because
              the Brazen Laver brought separation after atonement.
 (Compare the Red Sea (Review: Phase 2,
Page 1.VI, B and the Laver). Water Baptism is a burial. It is not being born again. Water Baptism
              "should" bring a distinct separation from our the old life just as the Red Sea brought a distinct
              separation from all the culture and systems of Egypt
(Exod.14:13) for the "church in the wilderness". 
              The same is true in the reality of Water Baptism 

 E. Tabernacle floor plan / Laver and Church History (1500 - 1522 to 800 AD)
              It was no accident that the Laver parallel's the time of the "Anabaptist" 
(Review: PHASE 2Pages 45
 6) / the re-baptizer's. This is the Spirit of God continuing to restore His Church according to the same
              pattern that He built into the 1st Century Church. (Note: How the Brazen Laver and Israel going
              through the Red Sea parallel each other. This demonstrates once again the consistency of God's
              "divine nature"
(2Peter.1:4). Peter used the reality of this pattern when he told those that responded
              to his preaching on the day of Pentecost 
(Acts.2:38), "Repent (Reformation 1517 AD) and be baptized
              (Anabaptist 1522-1800's AD) every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ." 

            From this truth came the
Baptist, Methodist, Evangelicals, Church of God  and  Christian
Missionary Alliance denominations. (Review: Phase 2, Pages 1-2) Drive through your City, town
              and Community and you can see these Church buildings today. They all are a monument to the
(1Cor.1:19-29; 2:1-14) of man rejecting the next move of God. History tells us (Review: PHASE 2,
 Pages 4, 5, 6the Roman Catholic Church rejected the Lutheran, Presbyterian, Church of England, and
              they rejected the Anabaptists (Baptist, Methodist, Evangelicals, Church of God and Christian Missionary
​              Alliance).

             This was not God's purpose!His Purpose was to move with Him as He restored "the years
              that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm... had

              stolen" (Joel 2:25, Acts.3:19-21, Rev.10:7 / Rev.11:15).

      F. Tabernacle floor plan and The Redemptive Week (Phase.3) 
              Since the time that "sin entered into the world"
(Rom.5:12) through the fall of Adam, God has been
              working according to a Redemptive plan to "dwell" amongst us again as He did the garden 
He is following exactly the same pattern as the Tabernacle of Moses, because this is His
              "divine nature"
(2Peter.1:4). It is who He is. He cannot deny Himself! (Review: The building Code /
Phase 4 / Other related subjects)

Phase.3 for explanation of this chart)          



            1. The pattern continues with the "Brazen Laver"
                   The outer court had the "brazen" (brass) Laver. The Brazen / Brass Altar and the Laver 
                   parallel's the 1500 year period of time of the Law of Moses. (The
3rd. day to the 4th.day of God's
                   Redemptive Week

       a. Here are the reasons why the Laver was in the outer court

(1) It was the "brass" Laver
                              Brass foreshadows the judgment
(Duet.28:15, 23, 1Cor 13:1-2) of the Law of Moses. "But sin,
                              taking occasion by the commandment, wrought in me all manner of concupiscence. For  
                              without the law sin was dead. For I was alive without the law once: but when the
                              commandment came, sin revived, and I died."

   (2) The Laver continues the path to "dwelling" in His presence

                           (2)  It was the only place of animal sacrifices (None in the 5th, 6th, and 7th days)
                                     When Jesus came, He came and stopped the "
animal sacrifice and oblation to cease"  
         (Dan.9:27), exactly as the building code (Blueprint, Pattern, Shadow, Type / "ensample")
                                     said. Note: The sacrifice and oblation
(Exod.30:9) belonged in the outer court. (Before
                                     the Cross) Once again showing the consistency, reliability, the steadfastness,
                                     dependability of God's person. This is how God works. He "dwells" among these

                                     Note:Remember this  Blueprint  when you study the end times and
the Book of Daniel

       (4) There was no brass in the Holy place or the Most Holy Place. 
                                     There was in the Holy Place the Golden Candlestick 
(Exod.25:31), the Table of

                                     Shewbread made of shittim wood overlaid with gold (Exod.25:23-30), and Golden Altar

                                     of Incense, (Exod.40:5). The Boards of the Tabernacle (Sanctuary) had silver

                                     sockets (Exod.26:19). These all point to the New Covenant / The 5th and 6th day.

                                     The Bible speaks of Gold / Silver - 1Cor.3:12, 2Tim.2:20, 1Peter.1:7, 18, Exod.30:12,

                                        Exod.38:25, Rev.3:18.  Once again God is being faithful / consistent / trustworthy even

                                     in the "jot"[65] and "tittle" [66]of the building materials. The outer court    
                                     of brass (the Law of Moses) brings us to Christ
 (Gal.3:24, Rom.3:21-31, Heb.9:1-25; 10:1,
preparing us for the Gold and Silver of the Holy place!

                                     Review: Phase 4, 
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