I.The importance of the Tabernacle of Moses…
A. To the "church in the wilderness"
Fifty days after the Church in the wilderness came out of Egypt (Exod.12:1-3, 6, 29; 19:3, 16) God    
          brought them
(Acts.7:38, 1Cor.10:1-11, Rom.15:4) to Sinai where He wanted to "dwell among" them 
(Exod.25:8).Up to this time God had preserved them (Exod.12:13), "went before" them (Exod.13:20
and "came between and protected them from the Egyptians (Exod.14:19-20). Now God wanted
          to "dwell among" them. This required  a Tabernacle 
(Exod.25:8), including the Priesthood,
          Offerings, Feast days and Laws governing their everyday living 
(Exod.25- 40,Lev.1-27, Deut.1-34)
before going further in God's Purpose. This structure and order would carry them until the time of
David's Tabernacle (Exod.25-1Chron.16:1), then expand further (1Chron.23:25-26) and take them on

          into the ultimate purpose for coming into the Land, Solomon's Temple (Gen.12:1,

          Gen.15:1-21,  Exod.12:1-51, Deut.12:1-12, 1Chron.17:1-15; 22:1-19).

   B. To the New Testament 1st Century Church
​          The New Testament Church followed the
same pattern. They kept the 
          true Passover Lamb 
(1Cor.5:7-8), and then 50 days later "when the day
          of Pentecost had fully come
(Review: PHASE 2, Page 3, V) the Church 
​          arrived  at the "true Tabernacle that the Lord pitched and not men"
(Heb.8:1-5). This was when the Spirit of the living God wrote God's Laws
          about the true Tabernacle 
(Heb.8:10; 10:16), the Priesthood (1Peter.2:5, 
           Rev.1:6; 5:10), 
the Offerings (1Peter.2:5-9), not in tables of stone but in
          fleshy tables of the heart"
(2 Cor 3:3-4, Heb.8:10;10:16). Jesus told the
          disciples, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot  bear
​          (i.e. carry, take up)
[62] them now. (Now meaning the time of Passover
Phase 8) Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, (on the "day of
Pentecost" He will guide you into all truth (John.16:12- 13) and he will
          shew you things to come."
[63] (These "things" are foreshadowed by
          the Old Testament Church in the wilderness)

  C. To us Individually today in the 21st Century

          Individually when we receive Christ as our Passover, God wants us to "wait for the promise of the    
 (Acts.1:4). This is when the Spirit of the living God writes God's Laws about the "true  
(Heb.8:10;10:16), the Priesthood (1Peter.2:5,  Rev.1:6; 5:10), the Offerings (1Peter.2:5-9), not
          in tables of stone but in flesh tables of the heart"
(2 Cor 3:3-4, Heb.8:10;10:16). Jesus told the disciples,
​          (and He tells us) "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now (The time of
Salvation / Passover), Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, ( i.e. your own personal
Pentecost), He will guide you into all truth...(John.16:12- 13) and he will shew you things to come."[63]

II. The Tabernacle of Moses is a pattern of "heaven itself"
       "It was...necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens (i.e. the Tabernacle of Moses) should
       be purified with these; (animal sacrifices) but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than
       these. For Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures of the true;
       but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us"
(Heb 9:23-24). When Jesus came
       and brought "grace and truth"
(John.1:17), He did not destroy the law, (that includes the Tabernacle of
       Moses) or the prophets (that prophesied using this 
language of the Tabernacle). He said, "Think

      not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, (the

      Law / Tabernacle) but to fulfill" (Matt.5:17). Jesus was saying that the language of the Law and

       the prophets have their reality or fulfillment in Me.

      A. The Tabernacle was to bring us to grace
             The Tabernacle (which includes the Brazen Altar, Brazen Laver, Candlestick, Table of Shewbread,
  Golden Altar of Incense, Vail, the Ark of the Covenant) was to "bring us unto Christ" (Gal.3:24,
 then to continue leading us into it's fulfillment (completion) (Matt.5:17-19, 

              Rom.8:1-4).  "For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and goats should take away sins"  


This means the Tabernacle pattern is relevant, pertinent, important,
(Acts.1:3, Luke.24:1-45) to our everyday New Testament
             Church life  

            1. For example: The High Priest in the Tab. of Moses
                 Most Christians understand that Jesus is our "merciful and faithful
                 High Priest"
(Heb.2:17) who is able "to save" us "to the uttermost"
but how many understand that the Tabernacle pattern
                 reveals that the High Priestnot 
only saves us, he intercedes daily
(Exod.28:1-43; 30:7-8) and yearly (Exod.30:10, Lev.16:1-44). See
Phase 11 for more details.

                 Note: Because Jesus is our High Priest, there must be a Tabernacle
                 with all of it's pieces of
furniture in place, which all "brings us to Christ."
(Gal.3:24, Heb.9:1-10; 10:1-10)
          2. For example: The Priesthood
                 The sons of Aaron, the high priest, were taken "from among the children of Israel, that he may
                 minister unto me in the priest's office"
(Exod.28:1, Num.1:46-54) under the authority of Aaron.
a.Note the Holy Spirit's interpretation                            
                      The Spirit of God
(2Tim.3:16-17)inspired Peter to interpret that the
                      New Testament Church is the reality of the Priesthood 
Luke.24:44-45) under Jesus, our High Priest (Eph.5:21-33, 

                  b. Note the Holy Spirit's interpretation

                      The Spirit of God
(2Tim.3:16-17) inspired John to interpret the New
                      Testament Church as "kings and priests"
(Rev.1:6; 5:10). "A royal
​                      priesthood" 
(1Peter.2:9, Note: Exod.19:6 / 1Cor.10:11).

        3. Grace completes the Tabernacle pattern         
                 The Tabernacle of Moses was "incomplete" and could not take away sin
, (Heb.10:1-9) because "in
                 those sacrifices there is a remembrance again made of sins every year. For it is not possible that
                 the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins. Incomplete 
(Heb.10:3-5)! That is why Jesus
                came to complete / fulfill the Law 
(Matt.5:17-19, Rom.8:1-4). Why would Jesus, God manifest in
                 the flesh
(1Tim.3:16, John.1:1,14), complete the Law and then destroy what He just completed?

 a. Grace completes / fulfills the pattern of the blood               
                      Under Grace, blood was still needed to be shed to make atonement. The pattern has not 
                      changed under Grace! Now it is Christ"s blood 
(Heb.8:1-5; 9:1-26; 10:1-10). "He that despised
                      Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: Of how much sorer punishment, 
                      suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath
                      counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done
                      despite unto the Spirit of grace"

        b. Grace completes / fulfills the pattern ofrighteousness
Aaron's and his sons wore linen garments before they were anointed (Exod.28:1-43,

                       Exod.29:29) which was "our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ" (Gal.3:24, Heb.10:1-2,

                       Matt.5:17-19). The pattern has not changed! It has been completed / fulfilled.

                    Righteousness (the reality of fine linen) is stillrequired under Grace. "Fine linen"

                     (Rev.19:7-9) is the righteousness of the saints, that is a gift from God (2Cor.5:21, Eph.2:8). 

                     It is not our righteousness because "our righteousnesses are as fitly rags." (Isa.64:6) 

c. Grace completes / fulfills the pattern of Washing
                      Aaron and his sons needed to be washed daily in the Laver
                      before they ministered in the Tabernacle
                      which is "our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ" 
                        24, Heb.10:, Matt.5:17-19). 
The pattern has not changed! It
                    has been completed / fulfilled. 
Under Grace, we, the New
                      Testament priests still need to be a washed (Laver
[63]) "by
                      the water of the Word" before ministering before the Lord 
(Exod.30:17, Eph.5:26-27).

 d. Grace completes / fulfills the pattern of Anointing
                      Aaron and his sons were anointed into service
                      This again is "our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ" 
                        Heb.9:1-28; 10:1, Matt.5:17-19). 
The pattern has not changed!
                     It has been completed / fulfilled.
Under Grace the New Testament priests
(1Peter.2:5) still
                      need to be anointed into service 
(Exod.28:41, Luke.3:21-23, Num.4:3, 23, 30, 35, Acts.10:38, 
                        Heb.1:9, Acts.2:37-38).

 e. Grace completes / fulfills the pattern of Offerings
                      The Priests were responsible for offering the Sin, Trespass, Burnt, Meal and Peace offerings
                      (which included the drink and heave offerings) 
(Lev.1-5). (In a later study)The pattern has 

                     not changed! It has been completed / fulfilled. The was a schoolmaster to bring us

                      unto Christ" (Gal.3:24, Heb.10:, Matt.5:17-19). Under Grace the New Testament priests

                      (i.e. the Church / priesthood) still need to offer spiritual offerings, the fulfillment of these

                      OT offerings (Lev.1-5, 1Peter.2:5, Heb.13:15-16, Rom.12:1-2, Phil.4:8).

                      NOTE: Apply this thought to every piece of Furniture and function of the Tabernacle of Moses.
                 f.  Grace still requires that we be responsible for God's Word
                      Under Grace the New Testament priests still need to be responsible for the preservation,
                      teaching and copying of God's Word.
(Deut.17:18; 24:8, 2Chron.15:3; 34:15,

                        2Tim.2:15; 4:2, Rev.22:18)

     B. Remember this pattern 

             Everything concerning the Tabernacle down to the last "jot"[65] and "tittle"[66] has it's fulfillment
             in Jesus Christ (i.e. the Body of Christ / The Church of the living God)
 (Matt.5:17-19, Rom.8:1-4). It is
             our schoolmaster
(Gal.3:24) to teach us how to behave (1Tim.3:15, Eccl.5:1-2, 1Cor.14:40) in heavenly
​             places 
(Eph.1:3; 2:1-6).


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