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Phase 3Phase 3

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                     God's Redemptive week


PHASE 3  Cover Page

Note: Jesus will NOT return until the mystery of God is finished, (Rev.10:7, Acts.3:21) which coincides with the end of the sixth day. Then there is a 1000 year rest, the ultimate Sabbath, the seventh day (Rev.20:5)! Time is running out! The Bride is about to be completed! 

This study IS NOT saying  that Jesus is returning at the year 2,000 AD. because obviously He did not. However, it does give a picture of the urgency of the hour. One thing is for sure, our generation, is the closest yet to the Marriage of Christ and His Church. We do know that after Jesus returns we will reign with Him a 1000 years (Rev.19:11-21; 20:1-4).    

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​                                                                                             Page 1.   God does have a Redemptive Clock!
​                                                                                             Page 2.   
The Count down began when sin entered the world
                                                                                             Page 3.   
The begats of Gen.5 / 2,000 years / Adam to Abraham
                                                                                             Page 4. 
 Abraham to Christ who was our Passover Lamb kept
                                                                                                             for four (4) days
                                                                                            Page 5.    
Our Calendar is20-- AD?? / another 2000 yrs / 2 days 
​                                                                                            Page 6.    
God works in patterns of weeks (sevens)
                                                           ​                                 Page 7.    
The "certain" Samaritan and the 5th and 6th. day
​                                                                                            Page 8. 
  Ark of the Covenant going 2,000 cubits before Israel
                                                                                            Page 9.    
Noah and the 120 years
                                                                                            Page 10.  
Why didn't Jesus return at the end of the / 


We know that we are "espoused" to our bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ (2Cor.11:3) and accepted (Eph.1:6 / Rev.21:9-27). Now we need to make ourselves ready  (Rev.19:7-8).  PHASE 2 tells us what is still needed in our preparation to be ready.[0] ThisPHASE 3 tells us that we are closer than any other generation, and PHASE 10 gives us the order of events that must take place before the Marriage.


Jesus said, "as it was in the days of Noah," so shall it be at His Second Coming (Matt.24:36-37, 2Peter.3:1-9 / Psa.84:10; 90:4). (A Pattern / a time to build) to make (build) Eve (the Bride Church). God works in patterns of "weeks" or "sevens"(Gen.1-2, Exod.16:26, Lev.23; 25:1-7).Therefore it is not a strange thing that He would work six days and rest the seventh in His Redemptive plan for man (mankind, humanity). These Redemptive days are interpreted by the apostle Peter to be 1000 year days (2 Peter.3:1-9, Psalm.90:4).  Bible History confirms this. (Note: Gen.5:1-32) It reveals that there are approximately 2,000 years (2 Redemptive days) from Adam to Abraham. Abraham to Christ can be chronicled to be another 2,000 years (2 Redemptive days), which gives 4,000 years from Adam to Christ (4 days). Now it is understood why Israel was to keep the Passover Lamb, which foreshadows Christ (1Cor.5:7-8) for 4 days before killing it in the evening (Exod.12:1-6).  When Adam sinned, Christ our Passover was taken and kept 4,000 years (4 days) and crucified at the end (i.e. the evening) of the fourth day. Our calendar (which is not accurate) places us  2,000 years AD. (another  2 days) completing almost 6,000 years since Adam, or 6 days before the Lord. Now apply the pattern that God stops working after six days, and rests the seventh (Gen.2:1-2).