VI. Our Calendar is 20-- AD?? / another 2000 yrs / 2 days
​          This completes 6days of God's Redemptive work Week. When "sin entered the world" by the fall
          of Adam and Eve 
(Rom.5:12-21), God went back to work to redeem mankind back to Himself. Jesus
          said," Father worketh hitherto, and I work"
(John.5:17).  God's work pattern did not change! He
          cannot deny Himself. He always works 6 days and rests the 7th 
(Gen.1-2:1-3, Exod.16:26, 20:8)
           Mal.3:6, 2Tim.2:13, James.1:17).

   A. Our Calendar
                 Our calendar (which is not accurate) places us at
20--? AD., (another 2 days) completing almost    
6,000 year since Adam, or 6 days before the Lord. (Note: God's Redemptive plan is 6,000 years or  
                 six days old. This study is NOT saying the earth is only
6,000 years old.)

    B. God's "divine nature" works six days, and rests the seventh.
                 Jesus will return when the mystery of God is finished 
(Rev.10:7, Acts.3:21, Gen.2:1-2), which
                 coincides with the end of the sixth day. Then there is a
1000 year rest, the ultimate Sabbath. The
                 seventh day 
(Rev.20:5)! Time is running out! The Bride is about to be completed! The Clock is
Phase 2)

                 Note: This study IS NOT saying that Jesus is returning at the year
2,000 AD because obviously He
                 did not. It is NOW
2019 AD!  However, it does give a picture of the urgency of the hour. One thing is
                 for sure; our generation is the closest yet to the Marriage of Christ and His Church.

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