Order of Events in the End of the Age

This Woman

is the ONLY event that is protected from the antichrist

 Page 1.    Our study begins with Jesus Coming back         
 Page 2.    The dead in Christ will rise first: then those those
                  that  are alive and remain
Page 3.      Jesus returns at the sound of the 7th. trumpet
Page 4      The first 6 trumpets must sound before the 7th.
​Page 5.     Before the 7 trumpets sound, the seven seals
                  must be opened
Page 6.     At the 5th trumpet the bottomless pit is unlocked   
Page 7.     The beast / antichrist revealed and has 42 months
                  to continue, The Harlot woman, two witnesses,
                  seven last plagues (vials / bowls), Babylon falling
Page 8.    When Jesus returns He destroys the antichrist
Page 9.     Armageddon

Page 10.   The Dragon put in the bottomless pit. The beast /
                  antichrist and false prophet are destroyed, put
​                  in the Lake of fire.
Page 11.   After the 1000 year rest all the unsaved (unjust)
Page 12.  
At this same time the Dragon / Satan is released
                  from bottomless pit and deceives the unjust again

The Dragon and the nations (the unjust that have
been resurrected) come against the beloved City
They are destroyed and are brought before the
Great White Throne.
Page 13.  Conclusion of this study is to show that the
Rev.12 Woman and man child are the only one's
                 protected from the Beast / antichrist. This Rev.12
                 Woman are those that will be "alive and remain"
                 (as Noah was in the Ark) when Jesus returns.


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         What about the
Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

Phase 10 | Cover Page

We know that the Feasts of Passover and Pentecost were historically fulfilled and the Feast of Tabernacles has NOT been historically fulfilled. Therefore we need to look into the future (The Book of Revelation) to see where the Feast of Tabernacles is revealed. To do this there must be an order of events established first to give us the "big picture" (so-to-speak).

                                             The overview of the Book of Revelation
​                                   (Please note, this is only the order of events. It is NOT to scale)

Phase 10 / Table of contents

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