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Page 8.  Simplifying the Issue
Page 9. The 
Page 10. 
The Apocrypha
Page 11. 
The Septuagint
​Page 12. 
Eve - The first revisionists
Page 13. 
The "Family Tree" method
Page 14. List of changes made to the Bible since 1881 AD

Recommended reading
-The King James Defended - E. F. Hills
- Let's Weign the evidence - B. Burton
- God wrote only one Bible - J. J. Ray
​- Evaluating versions of the New
  Testament - E. W. Fowler
- The identity of the New Testament
  Text - W. N. Pickering
- The Revision Revised - Dead J. W. Burgon

Phase 1/ Table of contents

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Intro. Most assume that Bible translators used the same Greek Text
Page 1. It is more than a translation Issue!
​Page 2. They found a NEW Greek text
Page 3. Jerome enters the picture
​Page 4.
500 AD? / THE CHURCH / Dark Ages
​Page 5. GOD'S Word is back in the Greek

Page 6. The Council of Trent (1546 AD)
​Page 7. 1881 AD a CHANGE was to take place

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It is the washing of water BY THE WORD that will prepare the "last" Eve (the Church) to be presented as a "glorious" bride  "not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but it should be holy and without blemish."  This is why the serpent (the Devil, Satan, and Lucifer) is still saying, "...Yea, hath God said..." provoking the Church into changing God's Word as he did with Eve in the garden. (Gen.2:16; 3:1-5, 2 Cor.11:1-3) Beginning in 1881 AD, with the Revised Version, the Church has been  "beguiled" (2Cor.11:3) into changing God's Word. This has continued to "vex" the Church with every modern translation after the King James Version. Just compare all their doubtful footnotes) This study identifies the“root” (the cause) for all these changes and deletions, and why I use the King James Bible (KJV)

There is NO DOUBT God's Word has been changed!
                               The question is, "Did God inspire these changes?"

Phase 1 (Why I Use the King James Bible)

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