VIII. The "certain" Samaritan
             The "certain man" (some or any)
[16] that fell among thieves (Luke.10:25-35) which stripped him
             of his raiment and wounding him, is a picture of humanity today 
(John.10:10, Rom.3:23; 5:12-21)! The    
             "priest and the Levite" speak of the "children of the flesh of Abraham"
(Rom.9:1-8).  Israel, the Jews
             today, should have been true to their responsibility before God and ministered unto this

             man, but instead, they "passed by on the other side."

  A.  Jesus is the "certain Samaritan"
     1. The Jews rejected the Samaritans 
                          The Samaritans were rejected by the House of Judah
[8] (the Jews - John.4:8), just as Jesus
                          was rejected of "His own" (the Jews, the House of Judah)
  2. Samaritan - No respecter of persons        
                          The Samaritan "came where he (the certain man) was...saw him...had compassion on him"
(Luke.10:33). An exact picture of what Jesus "began to do and teach" (Acts.1:1, Phil.2:7, 
​                            1Peter.3:12, John.3:16).

  3. Every need meet     
                          The Samaritan provided for the man and promised to return 
(Luke.10:34-35).  Jesus has
                          provided for us and has promised to return 
(Phil.4:19, Matt.24:36-37).

  4. Provided for two days             
                          The provision was two pence.  A penny is equal to a days wages 
(Matt.20:1-16, Note:v.2).
                          Jesus (the certain Samaritan) gave Himself and provided for us, and will return after two
(the 5th. and 6th. day)




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