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III. The Tabernacle had an Outer Court
           The Outer Court was a fenced in area around the Tabernacle consisting of pillars made of brass, with
          sockets made of silver for the pillars to sit in. It was five cubits high and made of fine twined linen which
          prevented the people from seeing into the court 
(Exod.27:9-19). This fence directed those that wanted to
‚Äč          meet with God to the only gate in the fence. The pattern has not changed!

         A. The fence made of fine twined linen(Exod.27:9)
                Fine twined linen is interpreted in the New Testament as "the righteousness of the saints", which is
                the right standing that Christ gives us at Salvation 
(2Cor.5:17-21, Rev.19:7-8). This "righteousness" is
                not earned or worked for, it is a gift 
(Eph.2:1-8, Rom.3:23). There is absolutely nothing we can do

                to make ourselves righteousness because our righteousness is as "filthy rags"[8](Isa.64:6, Rom.3:10). 

                If we sincerely desire to meet with God, we must acknowledge that our self righteousness is as

                "filthy rags" and accept Christ's righteousness. (i.e. come through the outer court gate)

   B. The outer court gate(Exod.27:9-19)  
                There was only one gate to enter in and offer sacrifice. Those that choose not to bring their sacrifice to
                the gate and to the Brazen (brass) Altar were cut off from among the congregation 
Jesus is the gate (Heb.13:10, John.14:6, Matt.7:13-12Cor.2:6).

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