I.   Espoused 

      A.  Strong's Con.

            1.   NT#3423 from a derivative of G3415; to give a souvenir (engagement present), i.e. 
​                   betroth:—espouse. To woo her and ask her in marriage to be promised in marriage, be betrothed. 
                   (Matt.1:18, Luke.1:27; 2:5) 

            2.    Also Strong's Con. NT#718 from G719; to joint, i.e. (figuratively) to woo (reflexively, to betroth): —

      B.  English Dictionary / Thesaurus. 

            To be betroth / engaged / spoken for / to woo her (romantically pursue, pursue, chase (after); 
            dated court, pay court to, romance, seek the hand of, set one's cap for/at, make love to)

      C.  Mary and Joseph are a picture of Christ and His Church, because...

​           1.    Mary was "espoused" (engaged) to Joseph. (the bridegroom) She was promised to Joseph in 
                  marriage and Joseph "knew her not"
(Matt.1:25) i.e. they had not came together as Husband and 
                  wife. Paul writes, the Church is "espoused" to Christ. (Promised in marriage) but the marriage has 
                  not yet been consummated. 
(Review: PHASE 10 and 7th. Seal)

           2.    She was found with child "of the Holy Ghost" while being "espoused"

           3.    Joseph thought she had being unfaithful to him and he "was minded to put her away" The 
                  Levitical Law gave Joseph this authority over Mary
(Matt.1:18-19, Deut.24:1-3, Matt.5:17-19, 
                   Rom.3:21- 31;16:25-26, Luke.24:44-45)

                  a.  Jesus (our bridegroom
Luke.5:44-45) / The last Adam 1Cor.15:45) will fulfill this Law of 
(Matt.5:17-19, Note: Lev.21:10-15)

                       Note: This is the connection between Joseph and Mary with Christ and His Church

                 b.  He is the head of the Church / The last Eve 
(2Cor.11:1-3, Eph.5:21-32) with the same authority 
                      to put us away if we are commit spiritual adultery with this world.
(James.4:1-4 / 1 John.2:15-17,      
                        2 Cor.6:14-18) NOTE: 2Cor.2:17
"Corrupt" - (a huckster • a mercenary person eager to make a
                      profit out of anything.); to retail, i.e. (by implication) to adulterate (figuratively):—corrupt.

                        (Strong's NT#2585)

                 c.  This is why we need Jesus (our bridegroom / Last Adam) to prepare / present us "a chaste 
                      (pure, holy) virgin / last Eve unto Himself. (
2 Cor.11:1-3, Matt.25:1-13) Some are expecting this
                      to be automatic, "in the twinkling of an eye"
(1Cor.15:51-52) at any moment. However this is 
                      only speaking of our mortal bodies being changed, not our presentation as  the Bride of Christ. 

                 d.  Once we are prepared as a chaste (perfected, completed) virgin, then 
(PHASE 1012) the Holy 
                      Ghost will overshadow the Church / the chaste virgin as He did with Mary
Luke.1:35) the Church 
                      / the chaste virgin 

                 e.  THIS IS THE PURPOSE for the Church being presented as a "chaste virgin" in order to be 
                      presented and married to Christ, to produce a man child that will cause war in heaven to 
                      remove Satan from his access to the heavenly places 
(Eph.3:1-12) and be limited to this earth.                                 (PHASE 1012