I.   One husband  
            The first Eve was presented to one husband, the first Adam (Gen.2:22, 1 Cor.15:45-46) as  a "figure"
            (type / ensample of Him, Jesus). Mary was presented to one husband, Joseph. (Matt.1:20) So shall
            the Church will be presented to one husband (Rom.5:14, 1 Cor.15:45-46, Eph.5:21-31, Note.v.30-32
            / Gen.2:22-25) 
(PHASES 1-12)

           A.  Why "one husband?" It is a further confirmation that God's Redemptive plan is to bring us back to
                where the "first Adam" and Eve
fell from(Eph.5:21-32) God has already begun with the "last Adam"
                Jesus, and will conclude with the
"espoused" Church / Eve being presented to Him in marriage. Then
                The Lord Jesus Christ
(Acts.2:36) and His Church will
complete Gen.1:26-28.
​                1.  
There is another Jesus / counterfeit husband, bridegroom (2Cor.11:4-15)  

                     This is not strange ("no marvel" 2Cor.11:13-15) because Lucifer (serpent. devil, satan Rev.12:9) wants
                     to be just like the Most High.
(Isa.14:11-14) This purpose will be manifest in his man of sin (Lucifer's
Rev.13:4) who intends to "shew himself that he is God. (2Thes.2:4) The "spirit of antichrist,"
                     (teaching the counterfeit Bridegroom) is 
now already is it in the world, (1 John.2:18-20; 4:1-4, 1
                       Thes.5:1-8, 2 Thes.2:7)
competing against Christ and His Church / Bride with his false bride with a
                     false husband / the antichrist. 
(Matt.13:24-30, 36-43, Jude.1:1-13) We need to watch and pray and
                     have a love for the truth because 
wants to cause saints to fall away (apostate 2Thes.2:3) from the
                     true Bride.

                     The "serpent" knows (Gen.3:15-16) that the seed of the woman (Bride) will bruise his (the serpents)
                     head. (Gen.3:15-16) Since the fall (Gen.3:1-24), he has been trying to destroy this truth.

Falling away / apostate - Strong's NT# 646 / defection from truth (properly, the state)       
                           ("apostasy"):— falling away, forsake. Eng. Dict. "apostate" - a person who renounces a religious
                           or political belief or principle.

Bruise - Strong's Con. NT#7779 / a primitive root; properly, to gape, i.e. snap at; figuratively,
                           to overwhelm:—break, bruise, cover his head.


Another / just like (sound and look like Jesus, the Bridegroom)

                     a.  Powered by the serpent . Devil, Satan.
                     b.  Lucifer wants to be like the Most High 
                     c.  No marvel / angel of light / ministers of righteousness / false apostles.  
                     d.  J
ude.1:1-13  Turning the grace of God into... (they preaching "grace" but meaning something 
                          totally different)
This is why we need to try the spirits. (1 John.4:1-4)

                     f.   Rev.17 Woman is a counterfeit Eve / Church / Rev.12 Woman   

           BThe first Adam a "figure" 

                Strong's Con. NT# 5179 / týpos, too'-pos; from G5180; a die (as struck), i.e. (by implication) 

​                a stamp or scar; by analogy, a shape, i.e. a statue, (figuratively) style or resemblance; specially, a      
                sampler ("type"), i.e. a model (for imitation) or instance (for warning):—en-(ex-)ample, fashion, figure, 
                form, manner, pattern, print.of Him that was to come.    

           C.  The same Greek word is translated "ensamples" 1 Cor.10:11      
           E. How do we identify (discern) "another Jesus?"

                1.  By the Word of God when The Word (John.1:1-14) came and became flesh, (John.1:14, Matt.1:18-25)
                      as the only begotten of the Father (Jesus John.1:18) He did not come to destroy the Old Covenant,
                      The Law and the Prophets Matt.5:17-19) He came to fulfill them in the New Covenant. This is the
                      Word that the true Jesus will use to "sanctify and cleanse" (Eph.5:26-27) the Church to be His Bride.
                2.  More to come....

           F.  You can only tell the difference by being lead by the anointing of God and a love for truth of the 
                written Word of God.
                (a)  1 John.2:16-27
                (b)  2 Thes.2:19
                (c)  1 Cor.2:1-14
​                (d). Acts.17:11

​                  More to come ..........