​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This PHASE 12 (twelve) is the interpretation of the events in the book of Revelation, focusing on the first and seventh seals (Rev.6:1-17; 8:1-4), then the Rev.12 Woman(Rev.12:1-17). The first thing to realize is that the book of Revelation is in three divisions. John was told to write "the things which thou hast seen (Rev.1:19), and the things which are (Rev.2-3) and the things which shall be hereafter:" (Rev.4-11)  Chapters 12-20 fill in the details from Rev.4-11.




This Woman is the ONLY event that is protected from the antichrist


​Page 1.   The first seal opened (The Book that Daniel sealed up)
Page 2.   The identification of the white horse (Revival / Harvest / to   
                coming to the marriage)
Page 3.  
The interpretation of the 7th Seal (The Marriage of Christ and
His Church)
Page 4.   The purpose of the man child
Page 5.   The rise of antichrist
Page 6.   A REVIEW
Page 7.   The antichrist is a copy / counterfeit of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST
Page 8.   The false prophet
Page 9.   The two witnesses
Page 10. The 7th Trumpet
Page 11. Mystery Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots
Page 12. WARNING: The antichrist shall go out FROM US (The Church)


Page 13.
What about the Rapture??
Page 14. Random Notes about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Page.15The court which is without don't measure it (Rev.11:1-2)


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Interpreting the 1st Seal, 7th Seal & the Revelation 12 Woman

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