The Feast of Harvest / Weeks the feast 50 days after Passover/ Pentecost[1]
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This feast "harvest", (feast of "Weeks"
Exod.23:16; 34:22) It was one of three[2] set timesin the year that the Churchin the wilderness[3] appeared before the Lord, "in the place[4]which he shall choose; in the feast of unleavened bread, (Passover Luke.22:1) the feast of weeks, and in the feast ofTabernacles". They were "not to appear before the Lord empty: Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath (has) given thee (You)". (Deut.16:16-17, Rom.15:4, 1Cor.10:1-11)

I.  This Feast (of Harvest / Weeks) foreshadows "the day of Pentecost"
he apostles were told after Christ's resurrection that they were to wait in Jerusalem (i.e. they must "appear"
     before the Lord" in the
realityof this Feast in the place[4] that He (God) chooses. (Deut.12:1-12, 1Chron.17:1-15;
     22:1-19, Deut.16:16-17, Col.2:16-17, 1Cor.10:11, Rom.15:4)
This pattern remains true today, (Col.2:16-17, Matt.5:17-19
     even if "we believe not (or refuse His blueprint/ calendar) yet he abideth (abides) faithful: He cannot [and will not]
     deny Himself."
(2Tim.2:13, Num.23:19, Heb.6:13-18 NOTE: Rom.9:6[5])

When reviewing PHASE 2, PHASE 4 and PHASE 8, and laying them beside each other it is clearto see that God has,  
is and shall be faithful to His patterns. (also review HOME PAGE) If we build according to His pattern (blueprint) we
     will be preserved as Noah was in the
last of these last days. (Matt.16:18, Psa.127:1, 1Cor.3:9-15, Matt.24:36-37,
NOTE: These truths are "gopher wood" in our Ark.

II.  This Feast was 50[6] days after Passover
       You "shall count unto you from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the
       wave offering;
(Feast ofFirstfruits) seven Sabbaths shall be complete: Even unto the morrow after the seventh
       sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a
new meat offering[4] unto the Lord." (Lev 23:15-17) 

                                       NOTE:  REVIEW Feast of Firstfruits for explanation of chart

A.  God was confirming that He is abiding by the pattern of the Feasts
             1.  Jesus was crucified as our
                  a.  To redeem man because
"sin had entered the world"(Rom.5:10-21)
                  b.  To "
confirm" the Covenant that God had made to redeem man (mankind) (Dan.9:27 / John.1:41; 4:25,
                          Gal.3:16-17, Matt.5:17-19
                        (1)  This confirmation includes the Covenant the God made with Adam

                        (2)  This confirmation includes the Covenant the God made with Noah (Gen.)
                        (3)  This confirmation includes the Covenant the God made with Abraham
                        (4)  This confirmation includes the Covenant the God made with Moses
                        (5)  This confirmation includes the Covenant the God made with David
             2.  Jesus was buried (
Unleavened Bread)
       3.  Jesus rose again as the 
Firstfruits from the grave and appeared to the disciples
                 a.  Showed Himself alive for forty days.
(Acts.1:3, 1Cor.15:1-7)
                 b.  During those
40 days Jesus...
                      (1)  Jesus Revealed Himself to Mary after He resurrected
                      (2)  Jesus was seen of Cephas, (Peter) then of the twelve (
                      (3)  After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once
                      (4)  After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles.
                      (5)  And last of all he was seen of me (Paul) also, as of one born out of due time.
                      (6)  After this they were told to wait
[7] in Jerusalem (Acts.1:4, Luke.24:49) "for the promise[0]
                            of the Father."
(John.14:26-15--26; 16:10-15)        

IIIThis is why they waited 50 days
        Jesus "commanded them (the disciples) that they should not depart from  Jerusalem, but wait[7] (appear
        before the Lord
Deut.16:16-17) for the promise of the Father..." (Acts 1:4, John.14:16; 16:10-1
        A.  Jesus[8] commanded them to wait for the "day of Pentecost toFULLY[9]come"
              They did not know long the wait would be.
(Eph.3:5) Looking back we see it was on the actual 50th. day
              after the reality of the OldTestament
Feast ofFirstfruits
(Lev.23:9-16), God
              Poured out His Spirit
, confirming[10]that God is abiding by His pattern / blueprint.
The Feast of Passover  (Crucified) - Fully come (confirmed on same day
Gal.3:15-17, Dan.9:27)
The Feast of Unleavened bread  (Buried) - Fully come (confirmed on same day )
The Feast of First fruits  (Resurrected) - Fully come (confirmed on the same day)

B.  It was to confirm[11]the Old Testament (type / shadow / of the Feast of Harvest (Pentecost)
            Jesus is making it strong. He is causing the Feast of Pentecost to prevail
[12] in it's (reality / fulfillment) in
            the New Testament Church
(Gen.41:32, Deut.17:6; 19:15, Matt.18:16,20, 2Cor.13:1, Col.2:16-17, Matt.5:17-19,
             John.7:37-39; 16:10-15, Gal.3:17, Rom.15:8, Col.2:16-17, 1Cor.5:7-8)

            1.  The apostles had already  "appeared before the Lord"  in the feast of Passover
              This Feast was  Historically fulfilled and now the apostles kept the reality of  Passover, Unleavened bread
Firstfruits) by carrying it through the Cross
fulfilling it in Christ. The apostle Paul writes, "Ye (you) are
unleavened  For even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us: therefore let us keep the [reality] feast..."
Matt.5:17-19, 1Cor.5:7-8, Col.2:16-17) 
a.  Today we are still to appearbefore the Lord in the fulfillment Feast of Passover (everyday[0], not
                       just one time a year
(Deut.16:16-17) We must keep it (proclaim) everyday).[0]
                       (1)  We must keep  Jesus as our
Passover Lamb (Exod.12:1-20, Lev.23:1-14, John.1:29-34, 1Cor.5:7-8)
                       (2)  We are to remain
unleavened in sincerity and truth (Exod.12:15-22, 1Cor.5:7-8)
                       (3)  We are to walk in resurrection life /
Firstfruits / (Lev.23:9-14, Rom.6:1-11, Gal.2:20)
                       (4)  We MUST ALL appear before the Lord in our Holy Spirit Baptism.
(Deut.16:16-17, Col.2:14-16)

                 b.  This brought thelanguage of this Feastthrough the Cross  into the New Testament reality (fulfillment).
                       [See point "d"] (NOTE: How these apostles took the written word of the Prophets (in the
cannon of
                       scripture) and established a foundation
(direction) for the Church, the Body of Christ. (Lev.23:1-21,
                         Acts.1:1-4, 1Cor.3:10, Eph.2:20-22, 2Peter.3:1-2)

  C.  Peter said, "this(day of Pentecost, Harvest / Weeks)is thatwhich was
spoken by theprophet Joel".
             (Joel.2:28-29, Acts.2:17-21)
NOTE: "spoken" (language)

            1.  This interpretation of Joel.2:28-29 is "infallible" becauseJesus (God manifest in the flesh John.1:1-14,
hadopened Peter's understanding to the Book of Joel, (Luke.24:44-45). Now the Holy Spirit
                  is bringing
Joel.2:28-29 back to his remembrance 
(Joel.2:28-29, Acts.2:17-2, Luke.24:1-45 / John.14:26;
                   16:10-15, 2Tim.3:16-17)

            2.  When "rightly dividing"
(2Tim.2:15) the entire[12] Book of Joel, it is found that Joel.2:28-29 is woven[0]
                 within the content (text /
language) which is the Feast of Pentecost.
                 a.  Pentecost is Wheat, Corn, early rain, harvest
(Deut.11:14, Lev.26:3-5)
                 b.  Tabernacles is Grapes, Olives, latter rain. harvest
(Deut.11:14, Lev.26:3-5)
Therefore when Peter said,"this (day of Pentecost, Harvest / Weeks) is that which
                      was spoken by the prophet  Joel" he was including
the language of the entire Book of  Joel.

                        (Joel.2:28-29, Acts.2:17-21,
Joel.1:1-20; 2:1-32; 3:1-21)

D.  Paul interpreting the language of Joel
through the Cross into the New Testament
       1.  When he wrote Christ our Passover,
(1Cor.5:7-8, Gal.1:11-12, John.16:12-13, 1Peter.1:10-12) he was
                 writing in the context of all three feasts. In the pattern Israel was to keep the feast of unleavened
                 bread, (Passover
Luke.22:1, 1Cor.5:7-8) and in the feast of weeks, (Pentecost Acts.2:1) and in the feast of
                 tabernacles, in this order.
(Deut.16:16-17) The same is true[0] in the reality in the Body of Christ.
                 When he wrote "when you see the day approaching"
[0](Heb.10:35) he was referring to the future day
                 of atonement. (The "solemn assembly"
Joel.2:15, Lev.16:1-34; 23:23-36)
PHASE 4, Page.9, 10, 11, 12]



      E.  Here is the apostle[0] Jamestaking the Language of Joel(James.5:7-8)
            1.  Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.
                 a.  The context is clearly the
Second Coming of the Lord
                 b.  Be patient
[0] (as in the in days of Noah 2Peter.3:1-9) Don't be weary in well doing (Gal.6:9)
                 c.  Behold, the husbandman waiteth (is waiting
[0]) for the precious fruit of the earth
                 d.  Waiteth (waits for pattern to be fulfilled as seen in Passover and Pentecost)
(1Cor.3:9, 2Peter.3:1-9)
                 e.  The fruit
[0] of the earth is the feast of Tabernacle language (Deut.11:14, Lev.26:3-5)
                 f.  According to the pattern, there must be a latter rain first
(Deut.11:14, Lev.26:3-5)
                 g.  And hath long patience
[0]  for it, until he receive the early and latter rain
                      (1)  Early (former) rain is language from the Prophet Joel, which Peter interpreted as the pouring out
                            of God's Spirit on the day of Pentecost. This brought in the Grain Harvest of people as seen in the
                            Book of Acts
                      (2)  The Latter rain (foreshadows) another out pouring of the Holy Spirit that will bring in the last
                            Harvest of people (during the Feast of Tabernacles) in the last days before Jesus returns. 

                              (Joel.2:23, 2Peter.3:1-9)

God is not done Yet!

A SUMMARY: (Jam.5:7-8) Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.
             James says to be patience
[0] And hath long patience[0] for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Keep
             your spiritual eye on the purpose of God like those who "died in faith, not having received the promises, but
             having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were
             strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country.
             And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had
             opportunity to have returned. But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is
             not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city."
(Heb.11:16; 12:18-22)
             1.  Therefore be ye alsopatient;
[0] stablish[0] your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.
                  a.  Drawing nigh (the Second Coming) is
not as the Thessalonians were expecting at any time.
(2Thes.2:1) The waiting is in accordance to God's order of events. (2Thes.2:1-5) NOTE: The last
                       2,000 years (two
1000 year days) has proven this.[0]
Peter said, GOD IS ON TIME He is not slack concerning His promise. (2Peter.3:1-9)
c. There is a purpose to His waiting. Remember Sarah
(Gen.15:1-8; 16:115; 21:1-5 /Eccl.3:1-8; 29:18)
                  d.  The flood did not come until Noahfinishedthe Ark. Peter said to those (in the Church) that scoffed
                       at the Second Coming that God is waiting as in the days of Noah.
(Acts.3:18-24, Rev.10:7; 11:15)

                  e.  Daniel figured out timing for his generation (why they were waiting) by reading  Jeremiah and
Jer.29:11-12 their time in Babylonian captivity (Dan.9:1-2, Jer.29:11-12, Lev.25:1-7)
f.   James said, The Lord The Lord Jesus Christ is "not drawing nigh" until He has received the
                       early and latter rains which cannot be separated from the Feast of Tabernacles
                         Lev.26:3-5, Joel.2:23, Acts.3:18-24)
Also this feast is part of the "Mystery of God" (Rom.16:25-26)
                       which is finished when the
7th Trump sounds. (The
Second ComingRev.10:7; 11:15)

IV.  This "fullness" was not just the full 50 days, it was also the fullness of the language

        When Joel (and all the other Prophets) prophesied, it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us
        the Church (Body of Christ
Col.2:16-17) they did minister the things, (of the Feasts of Israel) which are now
        reported unto you by them
[0] that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from
        heaven; which things the angels desire to look into."
(IPeter.1:10-12, Matt.13:10-17, 2Cor.3:13-16) 
     A.  Language of the Rain
(Lev.26:4, Joel.2:28-29, John.7:37-38; 16:10-15, Deut.11:14; 32:1-3 / Psa.133:1-3, Lev.26:3-5)
              The purpose of this first (former / early) rain was to gather in their corn. (Grain Harvest) This language is
carried through the Cross into the New Testament / Covenant as the out pouring (the rain) of THE SPIRIT
              OF GOD precisely according to the pattern. (Blueprint)
(Lev.26:4, Deut.11:14, Joel.2:28-29, Matt.5:17-19,
               Acts.2:17, Col.2:16-17)

              1.  The rain foreshadows the Spirit of God that is poured out. Joel said it would be
                   pour out
(Lev.26:3-5, Joel.2:23,28-29, John.7:37-38; 16:10-15)
              2.  The rain andthe anointing oil are both poured out / ran down
(Exod.40:13, Psa.133:1-3)
              3.  Rivers of water
(John.4:13-14; 7:37-38, 1Cor.10:1-3, Psa.1:1-3)
              4.  Dew / Unity of the Spirit (Doctrine, Word only illuminated by the Spirit
              5.  Poured out "my Spirit" / "Rain"  /  "washing of water by the Word and Spirit" /
    6.  Washing and regeneration (Born of the Spirit) of the Spirit"
              7.  Rain was so the seed
[0] of the Word would yeild it's fruit (Deut.11:11-17)

        B.  The Language of the Harvest(Exod.34:22, Deut.11:14, Matt.9:37-38; 13:30-39, Gen.37:5-8, Psa.126:6)
              1.  This Harvest is
(carried through the Cross) as people (Acts.2:41; 4:4; 5:14)
              2.  There were two Harvests
(Deut.11:14, Lev.26:3-4)
                   a.  The GrainHarvest of
Corn, Wheat and Barley[0] which was Historically[0] fulfilled in the
                        1st Cent. Church.
(Acts.2:41; 4:4; 5:14)
                        (1)  This was a great harvest (people) as foreshadowed by the early / former / first rain identified
                              as the pouring out the Holy Spirit.
(Deut.11:14, Lev.26:3-5) 
                        (2)  The Corn, Wheat, Barley
(Exod.16:10-15, John.1:1-14; 6:32-51, Matt.4:1-4, 6:31, Matt.4:49, 58)
                              which is
carried through the Cross into the New Testament reality as the THE WORD OF GOD,
                              Body of Christ / Bread
(1Cor.10:16-17) Word made flesh (John.1:1-14; 8: Manna)
                   b.  Fruit Harvest / The Grapes (Wine) and the Olives (Oil)
[0]  which will be fulfilled in the last day
                        Church. This is because the grapes (wine) and the olives (oil) is the harvest of the
Feast of Tabernacles.
The language of the two loaves of bread
              1.  Jew and Gentile together
              2.  Christ and His Church
              3.  NOTE: The Table of Shewbread
(Review: PHASE 4, Page.7)
    D.  It was a NEW meat (food) Offering / It was baked with Leaven
(See Page.2)

              NOTE: Whenever you see the Corn / Wheat Harvest it is always pointing to the Day of Pentecost,
              which has been Historically fulfilled in the 1st Cent. Church.

  V.  Let's review where we stand---------------------------

       A.  Joel prophesied and the apostle Peter interpreted
  Joel is prophesying of the last days ("afterwards" Joel.2:28, Acts.2:17)
                   a.  This is the the last two days (the
5th. and 6th day) of God's Redemptive Week
b.  These are the last days that Jesus (Matt.24:36-37), Peter (Acts.2:17), John (1John.2:18) andPaul
spoke of.


             2.  Joel.1:1-20 is what happen to the 1st. Century New Testament Church (1-100 AD? approx.)
Joel.2:1  Joel was actually sounding out a warning tothe 1st. Century Church. "Blow ye (you) the
                  trumpet in Zion, (Church)
[0] and sound an alarm."  According to God's Word, this is a sound to move
God's purpose. (Num.10:1-6, 1Cor.14:17)  Church History tells us they did not

              4.  Joel.2:8-32 is The New Testament Church failing to enter in to God's purpose and  God sending His
                   "great army"
(Joel.2:11,25) of the Locust, Cankerworm, caterpiller, palmerworm among them and
                   destroyed their harvest. This was the decline of the Church.
(REVIEW: PHASE 2, Page.5)
Joel.2:12-17 "But God who is rich in mercy" promises to restore." The "Floors...full of wheat" (The
                   the language of Feast of Pentecost / Weeks / Harvest)
                   a.  According to the pattern (shadow
Col.2:16-17) there must be a former rain to have the "floors...
                        full of wheat"
(Lev.26:4, Deut.11:14-17) NOTE: The thought of rain / doctrine / wheat / corn. (Deut.32:2)
                   b.  The reality of this Historically happened in
Acts.2:1-17 as people were filled with Holy Spirit.
                   c.  However, this truth was
"choked out" by the "care of this world" (Matt.13:22) and set in motion
                        a spiritual declined
(Joel.2:8-32) down to the Dark Ages.
                   d.  Then Joel prophesied God would restored
"Pentecost" (i.e. The Corn / Wheat. Joel.2:18-27)
                        after He restored
Passover because this is the order. This came to pass back in 1906 AD
NOTE: This is what we are experiencing NOW (1906 - 2020 AD?[0]

                                                                           But Joel says there is more............................................................

IV.  On this "day" (of Pentecost) they were in one place and one accord
When the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there
        came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.
        And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all
        filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

A.  One accord in oneplace     
              Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before the Lord thy God in the place which he shall
; in the feast of unleavened bread, (Passover
Luke.22:1) and in the feast of weeks, (Pentecost) and in
              the feast of tabernacles: and they shall not appear before the Lord empty: Every man shall give as he is able,
              according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given (given to) thee (you).
              1.  In the place that l choose to place my name
(Exod.20:24, Deut.12:5, 11; 14:23-24; 16:2, 6, 11, 1Chron.13:6;
                    22:19; 29:16, 2Chron.2:1)

              2.  Therealityof the place today is us (The Church)
(Matt.18:16; 28:19, Col.3:17, Acts.15:15-17)
              3.  It was not in the earthly Temple 
in Jerusalem it was in the upper room where they were waiting. 
                   NOTE: They were in the earthly house of Cornelius, but the people were the place
(Acts.10:44-48; 15:8-9)
              4.  The earthly Temple
in Jerusalem had been rejected as the place by Jesus before His crucifixion
                   and it was scheduled for total destruction which happened in
70 AD(Matt.23:1-39: 24:1-3, 15-22)
                   The upper room was only where they waited
[0]  was NOT the place. The 120 people were the place

B.  They were all filledwith the Holy Ghost
              And began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit (Another Comforter, Power from on high, Baptized,
              anointing) gave them utterance.

              1.  Different terms used for being filled
                   a.  Endued (clothed) with power
(Luke.24:49 ability, strenght)[0]
                   b.  Filled
(Acts.2:2; 4:8/31; 9:17, Eph.5:18  accomplish, full (…come), furnish)[0]
                   c.  Be Baptized
(Matt.4:11 to immerse, submerge; to make whelmed
                        (i.e. fully wet)
                   d.  The Gift of the Holy Ghost
(Acts.2:38; 10:45  a gratuity:—gift.)[0]
                   e.  Received the Holy Ghost (Acts.2:38; 10:47  to get hold have offered
                        to one; :—accept)

                   f.  Holy Ghost came on them(Acts.19:6)
                   g.  JESUS FULL of the Holy Ghost
(Luke.4:1 replete, (filled well supplied) or
                        covered over; by analogy, (comparison) complete:—full.)

                   h.  Anointed with the Holy Ghost
(Acts.10:38 to smear or rub with oil, i.e.
                        (by implication) to consecrate to an office or religious service:—anoint.)  

                2.  Foreshadowed (It was in the BLUEPRINT / the Old Testament.
See PHASE 4, Page 6)
                   a.  Oil (Jacobs rock) This is the House of God
                   b.  Baptized in the Cloud
[0](1Cor.10:1-11, Exod., Num.9:47-51; 10:1-10)
                   c.  Anointing oil (High Priest / Priesthood / Candlestick / The Tabernacle
Exod.28:10; 40:1-)

              3.  They began to speak in tongues (of every nation under heaven / tongues of men that began at the
                   tower of Babel
Gen.10:32; 11:1-9) NOTE: God is the originator of languages

                   a.  After Pentecost, Paul says there are also tongues of angels, (1Cor.13:1)
                   b.  After Pentecost there is and "unknown tongues"

                   c.  Tongues wasa normal part of Churchlife in the 1st. Century Churchbecause they were living and
                        experiencing the reality of the Feast of PASSOVER and the Feast WEEKS / HARVEST / PENTECOST
                        (The Book of Acts and the Epistles) However "the care of this life"
[0] choked out this truth (Matt.13:22)
                        which eventually resulted in a spiritual decline
(Joel.2:1-32) down to the dark ages.
[Review: PHASE 2, Page 4-5]  

                        NOTE: Don't make the assumption (as some do) that God stopped the reality of these Feasts after
                        the death of the apostle John. However He did foreknew this would happen used Joel to prophecy
                        this would happen and these truths would be restored.
[Review: PHASE 2, Page. 4, 5, 6]

E.   According to Joel prophecy'sthis (The Feast of Pentecost) will happen again
               In fact, there will be a double portion
[0] of the rain (pouring out of God's Spirit / early and latter rain).
               Therefore if you accept that the early rain (the pouring out of God Spirit with the speaking tongues) took
               place in the 1st. Cent., then you must accepta last day pouring out of God's Spirit. Therefore why do
               men say that tongues are not for today?

V.  There were two groups at the Day of Pentecost  

A.  Thedevout
[0] Jews
              They were from the House of Judah, (Judah son of Israel / Jacob), Isaac, Abraham)
See chart After their
              forefathers had entered the Land
(See PHASE 2, Page 2 & 3) Israel was told to come to Jerusalem every year
               (Deut.12:1-12, 16:16)
to celebrate the Feast of Harvest / Weeks which is 50 days (seven Sabbaths complete /
) after the
Feast of Firstfruits, on the morrow after the Sabbath. (Lev.23:9-21) This had been taking
              place for hundreds of years to celebrate this Feast day. During this waiting time they added to and diminished
              the Law of Moses. (with the
Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, Mishrash, Gemara) Like the Hebrews they became dull of
              hearing and rejected JESUS (God manifest in the flesh
              1.  These "devout Jews" had just witnessed the Historical fulfillment of the Feast of Passover
              2.  Now they are witnessing the Historical fulfillment of the Feast of Pentecost.
              3.  NOTE: Their reaction was... Because they had rejected Jesus as the true Passover. They were not looking
                   and looking for this reality
                   a.  They were all amazed
                   b.  Were in doubt, saying one to another, What meaneth this?
                   c.  Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine.

The knew that Messiah would come, but because of their corruption of the Law of Moses (Gen.49, Daniel.9:24-27)
              2.  Moses told them that a prophet like unto me Him shall you hear (Deut.18:15, Acts.2:22)
              3.  .

2.  They (the devout Jews) did not know (Eph.3:5, 1Peter.1:10-12) the Mystery of Christ (Eph.5:21-35) as we
                   know today.

              2.  They did have the (Blueprint) of the Old Testament Feasts. However Israel did know

                    (Psa.19:4, Deyt.32:21, Isa.65:10, Rom.10:18-21,)


      B.  The disciples / apostles
              They were told to tarry ye (you) in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued (clothed) with power from on
(Luke 24:49, Acts.1:4-8)
              1.  They had spent time with Jesus / God the Word made manifest in the flesh (Acts.
              2.  The one that gave the pattern of the Feasts at Sinai (
      C. Both groups were told not to depart from  Jerusalem. (same thing) but interpreted wrong
             1. The devout Jews(like the two on the way to Damascus Luke.24)
                 They knew they were to look because of what  Joel prophesied
(Joel.2:28-29, Acts.2:17), What Moses
(Deut.18:15, Acts.3:22, Rom.10:19), and what Isaiah prophesied (Isa.65:1, Rom.20-21,

                 a.  The devout Jews were there in obedience the God's Word
(Deut.12:1-12; 16:16-17, 1Chron.17:1-
                        15; 22:6-19)

                 b.  However they (diminished
Prov.30:5) the commandment of God (i.e. keeping the Feasts in their reality
                        (Lev.23;1-44; Deut.16:16-17)
and made them of none effect by (their) tradition. (Matt.15:1-9)Review:
Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, Mishrash, Gemara
                 c.  Fifty (50) days preciously they had kept the Feast of Passover, (with their "doctrines of men"
Matt.15:9) but
                      rejected Christ our true Passover-
1Cor.5:7-8, Rom.11:20-25)
                      (1)  The devout Jews were amazed, and were in doubt, saying...what meaneth this?"
                      (2)  Other devout Jews "mocking said, These men are full of new wine."

                      (3)  Also the Pharisees,[0] Sadducees[0] and Judaism[0]failed the see this and caused them to miss
                            their day of vistation
(Acts.15:5, Gal.3:1-29; 4:10, 21-31; 6:12-16)

                   WARNING: We could easily become like these devout Jews and add "enticing words of mans wisdom"
                   to our Church structure and

            2.  The disciples
                 They understood that there would be another comforter. 
(John.7:38-39; 14:16; 16:12-15) What they
                 received was the Baptism (i.e. to immerse, submerge; to make overwhelmed)[0] in the Holy Ghost.
                 They had no idea that it would be speaking in tongues. Their key was "that they had been with Jesus"

VI.  What about these verses? (Joel.2:28-32)      
        God says, "I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The
        sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord
        come.  And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in
        mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord
        shall call."
A.  The Sun does not turn into darkness and the Moon to blood until the sixth seal.
(Rev.6:12) Future to
              us today! NOTE: John was told that the sixth seal "must be hereafter." (still in the future
  B.  The  day of Pentecost, was not the great and terrible day of the Lord. 

    C.   How do we reconcile this?             
              The answer is in what Peter said to the scoffers of his  generation, which was the reality (fulfillment of the
              Feast of "Pentecost" (i.e. Acts and Epistles)
[0].  He said, "Be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is
              with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his
              promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish,
              but that all should come to repentance." (2Peter.3:8-9, Psa.90:4)  Review: Phase 3           
              1.  Peter was in the beginning of the last days. (The last two days, 2,000 years, 5th. and 6th day)   
              2.  The Sun will turn into darkness and the Moon into blood during the opening of the seven seals, 
                   towards the end of the sixth day. (Review: Eschatology One, Phase.10)                            

                   NOTE: Joel is prophesying to the entire Church Age. (The 5th and 6th. day, 2,000 yrs)  "Why then do
                   some say that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Gifts are not for today, when the  apostles' doctrine and
                   the prophet Joel declares that it is for the "last days." (5th and 6th day) (Acts.2:17, 42 / Eph.2:20-22)


                    NOTE: We must remember the language of the Old Testament Feast of Pentecost (weeks / Harvest)
                    was only a "schoolmaster to bring us to Christ who fulfilled this Feast at the Cross. (Matt.5:17-19,


              3.  How did Peter know?
                a.  Jesus had opened Peter's understanding to the Law, Prophets (Joel) and the Psalms during the
                        "forty days"
(Acts.1:3, Luke.24:1-45) when Jesus had "shewed (showed) Himself alive after
                        His passion."  
                   b.  Now the Holy  Spirit is bringing it back to his remembrance.
(Luke.24:1-45, John.14:26) 
                   c.  Peter was not just interpreting
Joel.2:28-32, he was giving us the key to unlocking the
Book of Joel!    


       (2)  We must speak the
"unadulterated" Word of God!                                      
                       (a)  Unadulterated - pure, untouched, untainted, unmodified)     
                       (b)  The apostles spoke the
unadulterated, kingdom of God language                    
                              (a)  The apostle Peter, "This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel."
(Joel.2:28-32, Acts.2:17,
It was "the Spirit of Christ which was in...(Joel)...did signify, when it testified
                                    beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow."
                              (b)  The apostle James, "To this agree the words of the prophets 
(Amos.9:11-12, Isa.16:5)               
                              (c)  Joel spoke of "Zion"  Be "glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God: for he
                                    hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the
                                    former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.  And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the
                                    fats shall overflow with wine and oil."
(Joel 2:23-25, 2Sam.5:7, Psa.125:1, Rom.9:23, 1Peter.2:6 /
                                       Eph.2:20-22, Heb.12:22)
After the Cross, "Zion" is the Church.


                     3.  Note: Joel did not stop there.       He continued to prophesy about a "latter rain." (Deut.11:4, Zech.10:1, Joel 2:23) He "hath given        you the former rain (Deut.11:14, Lev.26:4, Hosea.6:3) moderately, and he will cause to come        down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month " Joel.2:23  This        rain was during the last great Feast, the Feast of Tabernacles (also called, Booths - Neh.8:1-       17 and ingathering - Exod.23:16; 34:22)                             This "latter rain" is the out pouring of the Spirit in the last day

               4.  The reality meat (food / meal) Offering and the drink offering was with held (Joel.1:13, Lev.23:15-22,
                      Mal.1-2) NOTE: The Meat offering cut off / the joy and gladness (Joel.1:16)
               5.  The reality of the Children of Zion / former rain moderately (Duet.11:14 - Purpose to
                    gather in the Grain Harvest. The Corn / "full of' wheat)

  5.  "...and ye shall  offer a new meat offering[4] unto the Lord.
                   a.  It was because "leaven was allowed" in The "two wave laves"
                         (Christ and His Church)
                    c.  Leaven parallels the NEW thing | Gentiles being grafted in | Tabernacle of David




to send them into captivity

God, is a God of PATTERNS
1. Adam was a "figure"
2. Noah was told "this is
    the  fashion which thou  
    shalt make" the Ark.
3. Moses was told to make
    the Tabernacle "according
    to the pattern"
3. David said, "the Lord  
    made me understand...
    all the works of this

    There is always a    
    pattern  blueprint FIRST

    NOTE: Luke.14:25 To be a  
    disciple you need to sit   
    down first and count the
    cost. This requires a

Peter interprets

Because Joel.2:28-29

is the fulfillment day of Pentecost then all the language of the Feast of the Feast of Harvest / Weeks / Pentecost (found in the Book of Joel), is fulfilled in Acts and the Epistles

Another confirmation that the Old Testament is the Blueprint that God the Son, The Word made flesh, is using to build His Church (His Bride) [Review: HOMEPage]


to be here

Early Rain

 Sound an Alarm

The Prophet Joel prophesied this

NOTE: THE SAME PATTERN After Jesus resurrected He appeared to the disciples and "breathed on them, and saith (said) unto them, receive ye (you) the Holy Ghost". They were born again.
[PASSOVER] THESE SAME disciples were told to tarry (wait) in Jerusalem until they were "endued with power from on high".{PENTECOST](John.2:19-23, Luke.24:49

1st. Cent. Church came this far

(Acts.2:17, Joel.2:28-29)

(1Cor.5:7-8, Col.2:16-17)

Don't make the same mistake of being amazed, in doubt and mocking this future vistation in the "last days"


Review: II. A.1-3


The Church becoming His Bride

The apostle Peter (is one witness) and the Prophet Joel (second witness) that Acts.2:1-21 is the day of of Pentecost.


Time to move on 

Restoring the years that the locust hath eaten

Army of Locust




(Joel.2:28, Acts.2:17)

God's Purpose



Without the a God-given vision of God's Redemptive plan, GOD'S TIME TABLE WILL NOT BE UNDERSTOOD


as the Head of the Body / Church (Col.1:18)

James interprets  (Joel.2:2-17)

It is not a strange thing for God

"Jesus began to do and teach" (Acts.1:1)


This is part of the "all truth" that the Holy Spirit is going to guide us into
(John.16:10-15, Eph.3:5,

Review: PHASE 2, 4, 8, 9, 11for the pattern (blueprint) that must be completed within this time period





"fully come...."

God's army sent in to discipline

No record of this Feast being fulfilled yet


Yet to fully come



NOTE: What about those that were filled before the day of Pentecost? (Judges.13: Acts.1:16,1Peter.1:10-12)



Latter Rain

Review: PHASE 3for explanation of chart below for approx. time left

(Num.9:15; 10:1-10

These are all together make ONE COVENANT fulfilled in Christ. This is the NEW COVENANT
(The New Testament)
(Jew and Gentile together)
(Gal.3:17, Eph.2:1-22; 3:1-12)



Joy withered away

"...When the day of Pentecost (the Feast 50 days after Passover) was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place." (Acts.2:1)

NOTE: This is not just waiting for the full 50 days, it is also waiting for the fulfillment of the language of the Feast of Pentecost. (i.e. the Corn, Wheat, Harvest, early rain) of what Joel prophesied about.
(See point II.B.2.d)

Paul interprets

The Feast of Pentecost
(Harvest / Weeks)

The rain, Grain Harvest is the 1st. Cent.AD Church.

(Acts and the Epistles)


Sanctify fast / Solemn Assembly

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The truths of Pentecost
is SPIRITUAL BUILDING MATERIAL (It is the "gopher wood") for our ARK

The apostle Peter is using the prophet Joel to lay the "foundation" (direction, guidance  for the New Testament Church. 

(1Cor.3:10-12, Eph.2:20-22)

See "Building Code"

(Eph.2:2:1-22; 3:1-12)

                   BEGAN TO CONFIRM.................................................CONTINUES TO  CONFiRM............................................................................................AND WILL FINISH CONFIRMING



The context of the Book of Hebrews is the day of Atonement

Bride for Christ

Paul interprets