Daily Sacrifice taken away

NOTE: There is the "vision of the ram and the he goat" (which was interpreted for Daniel) and there is "the vision of the evening and morning" which was NOT interpreted for Daniel

 I. The Cleansing of the Sanctuary(Dan.8:14-27)

       Daniel saw two separate visions. The ram and the he goat vision, which is interpreted for us by  Gabriel  to be
       the future conflict coming between Media-Persia and Greece
(Dan.8:1-12,20-25) and the cleansing of the sanctuary
       (which is the vision of the evening and morning v.14, 26 ("for many days") 
(Dan.8:13-14, 26-27) which Daniel did
       understand. (NOTE:

     A.  Why is there a
difference between Dan.8:8-14 and Dan.8:14, 26-27

             1. NOTE: The Sanctuary (Temple / House of God)[0]
         a.  (Dan.8:8-14)The Ram and He Goat Vision
This "sanctuary" was cast / trodden down / desolated (destroyed / astonished)
                               / sanctuary cast down
[0] NOTE: All the other things that take place at the SAME time.
                               (a)  THEN
(Dan.8:1-9) came forth a
little horn[0](Dan.8:9, 23)
                               (b)  Which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and
                                      toward the pleasant land. (earthly Jerusalem BC)
(Dan.8:10, 24)
                               (c)   It (the
little horn[0] waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down
                                      some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

                                         (Dan.8:11, 25)

                               (d)  Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily
                                      sacrifice was taken away, and the place of the sanctuary was cast down. And an host
                                      was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down
                                      the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.
                               (e)  The daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary
                                      and the host to be trodden under foot?

This happenedduring the time of the "little horn"[0] which is the latter time
                               of Greece  HISTORY TO US. FUTURE to Daniel
(See points 1-5)

                         (3)  This was interpreted for Daniel by Gabriel
                                (a)  Gabriel was told to the "make this man (Daniel) understand the vision"

                                (b)  Yet after being told the interpretation Daniel said, "BUT NONE UNDERSTOOD IT"
                                      "It" (that Daniel did not understand) was the vision of "the evening and the morning,"
                                       (the cleansing of the sanctuary"
Dan.8:14, 26-27)
Review: PHASE 4, Page 9-12

                                NOW COMPARE
Dan.8:14, 26-27 to Dan.8:8-14

  b.  (Dan.8:14, 26-27) The Cleansing of the Sanctuary

                          (1)  This "sanctuary" shall becleansed. NOTE: There is a big difference between
                               desolation and cleansing. The Sanctuary is Cleansed NOT DESTROYED!

This will happen in 2,300 days[0] (many days after the "little horn") into the
                               (a)  For the time of the end
                               (b)  This shall for many years
This was NOT interpreted for Daniel.
                               Yet Daniel said, "I...fainted, and was sick certain days;
[0] afterward I rose up, and did
                               the king's business; and I was astonished at the vision, ("of the evening and the morning"
Dan.8:14) but none understood it." (Dan.8:27) In fact Daniel tried, but he was told "shut
                               up the words, and seal the book
(Dan.12:4-13) until the time of the end(Rev.5)

              2. NOTE: Daily sacrifice taken awayduring the time of the "little horn"

.  (Dan.8:9-12, 23-25) The Ram and He Goat Vision

                           (1)  The time frame is the latter time of Greece. (Dan.8:20-25)
                         (2)  This is HISTORY to us. FUTURE to Daniel
(See points 1-5)
                         (3)  The daily sacrifice was still in place
[2] during the "latter time (v.8-14, 22-25 / Greece)
                               until the "reformation"

(4)  NOTE: To touch or come against the animal sacrifices, (under the Old Covenant) was coming 
                               against the reality in CHRIST THE MESSIAH "the Prince of princes / THE WORD MADE FLESH.
                               (a)  The example of Cain - He rejected the firstlings (firstborn Lamb) of the flock that pointed to "the
                                      more excellent sacrifice" / Christ
, Heb.11:4, 1John.3:11-12, Jude.1:10-12) For Cain to
                                      rejected (or ignore) the blood of the firstborn (firstlings) of this animal sacrifice, it was rejecting
                                      the reality in Christ. (NOTE: This was the"present truth" to Cain and Abel. This was the truth that
                                      was near
                               (b) Ishmael - He "mocked" Isaac (a figure
[0]) the only begotten son of Abraham "of whom it was
(Gen.21:12, Gal.4:21-28) that in Isaac shall thy seed be called" (Heb.11:18, Gal.3:17) That seed
                                      "which is CHRIST" (MESSIAH
John.1:42; 4:25)
(Gal.3:16) Ishmael was "mocking" the line "as
                                      concerning the flesh Christ came"
                               (c)   Esau -  (Gen.)
                               (d)  Moses - Rejected from entering the Land because he struck the Rock - which was a "type"
                                      pointing to Christ.
(Exod.00, Num.20:00, 1Cor.10:1-11)
                               (e)  Uzzah - Died touching the Ark of the Covenantwhich was a shadow of God's throne
(1Chron.9-14, Heb.9:1-00)
                   (f)  The "little horn" - (Dan.8:1-13) For him to cast down the (natural / type / shadow) Sanctuary,
                                      and take away the daily sacrifice is coming against the host of heaven, casting stars to the ground,

                                      magnifying himself to the prince

3.  The Cleansing of the Sanctuary(Dan.8:14, 26-27)
                   a.  What is the sanctuary?
                        (1)  Sanctuary is the same as Temple, House of God, Temple of God
(Exod.25:5, Heb.9:1-10,)
                              (a)  Old Covenant / Testament
(Exod 15:17; 25:8, Psa 114:2 / 1Cor.6:19-20, Eph.2:20-22, 1Peter,2:5
                              (b)  New Covenant / Testament (The temple (1Ch 22:19; 2Ch 29:21);
                              (c)   The tabernacle (Exd 25:8; Lev 12:4; 21:12); (
                              (d)  The holy place, the place of the Presence (Gr. hieron, the temple-house; not the naos, which is the temple area, with its courts and porches), Lev 4:6; Eph 2:21, R.V., marg.; (5) God's holy habitation in heaven (Psa 102:19). In the final state there is properly "no sanctuary" (Rev 21:22), for God and the Lamb "are the sanctuary" (R.V., "temple"). All is there hallowed by the Divine Presence; all is sancturary.(2)   Look at the History of the
Temple / House of God / Sanctuary
                               a.  Began with the Tabernacle of Moses
                               b.  Expanded with the
Tabernacle of David(1Chron.13-28)
                               c.   Then expanded to
Solomon's Temple(1Chron.28-)
                               d.  The Temple was polluted, burnt, restored. destroyed again and finally total destruction 70 AD


     b.  If this vision of the cleansing of the Temple / sanctuary is "shall be for many days" Where is that sanctuary
                        that will be cleansed, because THERE IS NO EARTHLY TEMPLE of God. The ONLY TEMPLE that God has now is HIS CHURCH / BRIDE

         c.  Why is the "cleansing of the sanctuary?"
                                (a)  This "cleansing" took place on the yearly Day of Atonement when the high priest made
                                       atonement for the people, (Lev.16:1-) AND CLEANSED THE SANCTUARY (Lev.16:1-)
                                       -  JESUS / MESSIAH our High Priest
                                       -  The apostle Paul says this was a shadow / a school master to bring us to Christ (Gal.3:24.
                                          Col.2:16-17) In other words this feast (used by Daniel) is pointing to CHRIST / MESSIAH who
                                          cleanse His Church to be prepared as a BRIDE
                                (d)  A Cleansing ahead (This seems obvious considering the Church World today
                                (c)  This day of atonement was the "centerpiece" of the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev.23:23-)
                                (d)   The Feast of Tabernacles was the final Feast of the year for Israel, the Church in the wilderness"
        (          2)   This is where God's Name is recorded (NOTE: 2Thes.2:1-4) Let all those that names the name of Christ depart from...

                   a.  The time frame / "shut up the vision; (NOTE: Dan.12:4, 8-9) for it shall be for many days." (Dan.8:26)
                         This is FUTURE TO DANIEL AND US

                         NOTE: Some think this is "little horn"evidence that there will animal sacrifices, offered in a rebuilt
                                Sanctuary / Temple
                   c.  The daily sacrifice HAS BEEN FULFILLED IN CHRIST ("reformation")
                        (1)  NOTE: The daily sacrifice is daily (Exod.)
                        (2)  The cleansing of the sanctuary is ONCE A YEAR (Lev.16:1-)
                        (3)  This is another distinction of the Ram and He Goat Vision and the Cleansing of the sanctuary



     B.   The ram with two horns are the kings of Media Persia 
 (Dan.8:3-4, 20)

Daniel is now seeing more details of the next two kingdoms 
        after Babylon, that of the "breast and arms of silver and belly of
        brass (Dan.2:31-32, 39)​.

       Behold, "there stood before the river a ram which had two
: and the two horns were high; but one was  higher 
             than the other
, and the higher came up last. I saw the ram
             pushing westward
, and northward, and southward; so that
              no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that
               could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will,
              and became great." 

   1. The interpretation of Gabriel (Note: This is an "infallible" interpretation)
                    Daniel said, "I heard a man's voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel,
                    make this man to understand the vision"
(Dan 8:16-17). So Gabriel did so. He said, “the ram
                    which Daniel saw having two horns are the kings of Media / Persia 

            2. The time frame of this vision is history to us! 
                    This was future the Daniel but History to us. It is speaking of the time of Media-Persia and
                    into the "latter time" of the kingdom of Greece 
(Dan.8:20-23).Therefore the language of the "daily
                    sacrifice" and "sanctuary"
(Dan.8:23-25) belong in the same period of time.[2](The kingdoms of 
                    Media-Persia and Greece are History, not end-times).
            3. He (the roughgoat is the king of Grecia 
(Dan.8:5-7, 21)
                    As Daniel was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole 
earth, and touched  not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes 

  a. Interpretation
                        Gabriel interpreted the "rough goat is the king of Grecian (Greece) and the great horn that is
                        between his eyes is the first king 
(Dan.8:21). The time frame is still History to us, not end-times.

                 b. Historical record
                        This "great horn" was Alexandria the Great
[3] (Dan.8:8, 21). The "he  goat" (the kingdom of  
                        Greece) waxed very great: and when he (the great horn / Alexandria the great) " was strong 
(Dan.8:8, 21), he "was broken." History records Alexandria dying at the age of 33. [2] 

4. Four horns stood up in place of the notable horn.(Dan.8:8, 22)
                  Gabriel has interpreted the rough goat is theking of Grecia: (Greece) and the great horn that is
his eyes is the first king. (History identifies the first king as Alexander the great). Now that
                  being broken, (Died at 
33 yrs old) whereas four (of Alexander's Generals) stood up for it, four
shall stand up out of the nation, (of Greece) but not in his (Alexander's) power. 

           5. In the latter part of their kingdom (This is still history not future to us today)

In the latter part of their kingdom (the kingdom of Greece) shall stand up "a king of fierce 
 (Dan.8: 23, 9), a little horn. This king / "little horn" was Antiochus Epiphanies. 
                  (175-164 BC.) king of Syria. ​Remember: This is history to us. 
(Dan.10 -11:34 fills in more details).

            6. A further confirmation that this is history             
                  God revealed to Daniel (beginning with the kingdom Babylon
Dan.2:1-44; 7:1-25; 8:1-27; 9:24-27;    
                  11:1-45) what was to happen concerning the kingdoms of this world, the City of Jerusalem, the 
                  Sanctuary (Temple) and the daily sacrifice. As Daniel looked into the future beyond Media- Persia,
                  Greece and Rome.  He was told to 
"seal up the book until the time of the end" (Dan.12:1-9).  

​                  Then John see's (at the time of the end
 Dan.12:1-9a "sealed book" (Rev.4-5) being opened. 
When the sealed book is opened (Rev.5:1) there is nothing about the daily sacrifice being
                  taken away or a Sanctuary being cast down. 
However Revelation does bring over from Daniel
                  the identification marks of the Lion, Leopard, Bear 
(Dan.7:1-8, 17. Rev.13:2), and the ten kings and ten
 (Dan.2:40-45; 7:7, 24. Rev.17:12, 16). 

The reason for this is because

  After the Cross"the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands" (Acts.7:47; 17:11). The
                   Church is the Temple
(John.2:18-20, Eph.1:22, Col.1:16-18, Eph.2:20-22, 1Peter.2:5).

After the Cross The daily Sacrifice has been fulfilled in Jesus (Matt.5:17-19, Heb.9:1-10).

                  Note: There is a Sanctuary / Temple in Revelation being measured but not destroyed /
                  cast down. This is because this language belongs during the time period of Greece when the
                  daily sacrifice and and the earthly Temple (Sanctuary) made with hands was imposed on Israel
                  until Christ came 
(Heb.9:1-28; 10:1-29).

2.  The Second was the Vision of the morning and Evening

            God told Nebuchadnezzar that He rules in the kingdoms of men, and giveth (gives) it to whomsoever he
             will...and none (no one) can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou? (Dan.28-37)


                  NEXT: PHASE 5, Page 3 / The Cleansing of the Sanctuary




Daily Sacrifice was still in place until

Notice: A fore telling of the next two kingdoms after Babylon. Then focus on the little horn turns towards the "pleasant land" during the waiting time for MESSIAH to come. Coming against the blueprint the type shadow. against the seed of the woman
Failed under Esther God presevered

Coming against the "type" is the same as coming against the reality

This is concerning The Temple of God / The Church / The Bride for MESSIAH / JESUS





Nothing in Revelation about animal sacrifices being reinstated in a rebuilt earthly Temple

NOTE: GOD THE FATHER gave the Law of the daily sacrifice that was to be a schoolmaster to bring us GOD The Son who fulfilled (completed) what it foreshadowed. To trust in the "daily sacrifice" (that could NEVER take away sin) after JESUS to be redeemed is an abomination.

Nebuchadnezzars image focused on MESSIAH / Second Coming

Dan.7: building toward the antichrist purpose to destr

Dan.8 Ram and He Goat is the little Horn coming against the the things to pointing to Christ / MESSIAH

Dan.9 Count the number of years until MESSIAH COME / His cricfixion /
Jews rejected Him. This rejection has overspread until the comsumation

Dan.12 Daniel told to shut up the Books


THEN Revelation takes over and completes what Daniel saw

Little Horn takes away the daily sacrifice BEFORE the Cross where they were imposed on them until.....

Surely this MUST be end-times language. The reason it is NOT is because this is happening "in the latter part of their kingdom"

"Their" meaning the four Generals that come to power after the death of Alexander


(Latter end)

The 400 Silent years between the Old and New Testaments

The time of the end
Shall be for many years / The cleansing
of the Sanctuary
"the vision of the evening and the morning"

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Noticed how the Vision changes towards to the "pleasant land"
(Earthly Jerusalem) which is the focus of this Vision