I.   So Your Minds...be corrupted  (2Cor.11:4)
      "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice,
      holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be...
      transformed (changed) by the renewing of your mind...think soberly..."

      A.  Our mind was not saved when we were born againit must be renewed

           1.  When God created Adam and Eve, He created them spirit, soul and body

                 (Gen.2:7, 1Thes.5:23, Heb.4:13)

                a.  God formed man of the dust of the ground (body)
                b.  Breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (spirit)
                c.  Man became a living (soul)

           2.  When Adam and Eve sinned their spirit died
(Gen.2:17; 3:1-24)

                From that day forward Adam walked "according to the course of this world,
(1John.2:16) according
                to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh (works) in the children of disobedience:
                Among whom also we all had our conversation
(Behavior / lifestyle) in times past in the lusts of our flesh,
                fulfilling the desires of  the flesh (body) and of the
mind; (soul)(Gal.5:17) and were by nature the children
                of wrath, even as others."
           3.  This spiritual death has been passed on to all men
(Rom.3:23; 5:10-15, Eph.5:8)
Born again A. 8)Born Again B.1-5)
           4.  When
Jesus came He redeemed us back into fellowship with God(Eph.2:10)

                a.  Now our spirit has been born again
(John.3:1-6, 1Peter.1:23)
                b.  Now we (that are saved) are spirit, soul and body
                     (1)  Our spirit is a new creature (creation)
born again, a babe in Christ growing to maturity /
(2Cor.5:17, 1Cor.3:1-2, 1Peter.2:2, 1John.2:12-13, Eph.4:11-16, 1Cor.13:9-12)
                     (2)  Our body has been provided for up to the Second Coming
(Rom.8:11, Isa.53:5, 1Cor.15:51-52)
                     (3)  This leaves our soul to be renewed
which is our mind, will and emotions. This is why "the flesh
                            (body) and of the mind (soul)
Eph.2:3  lusteth against the Spirit, (John.3:1-6) and the Spirit against
                            the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye

      B.  We must
present our
body (flesh) as a living "sacrifice" to renew our minds / Soul

            This is the New Testament
reality of the Old Testament Voluntary Burnt Offeri ng      that we (the church / the
            priesthood) offer up as one of our "spiritual sacrifices." (1Peter.2:5-9, Rev.1:6; 5:10) Note: This is a    
            example of how the Holy Spirit guided (John.16:10-15) the apostles "into all truth" about the Law (of the
Burnt Offering) that  Jesus opened their understanding to. (Luke.24:44-45, Gal.1:11-12)

            1.  According to the
Old Testament pattern

                 a.  A sacrifice must have an Altar(Exod.20:24-26, Lev.17:10)
See PHASE 4, Page 3
                      (1)  Before you have a Altar, there MUST be a Tabernacle
                            (a)  There is a true Tabernacle in heaven (Heb.8:1-5; 9:24-26)
                            (b)  We are seated in heavenly places (Eph.1:3; 2:6)
                            (c)  We are the priesthood (1Peter.2:5-9) in the "true Tabernacle that the Lord pitched
                                  and not men" functioning with our High Priest, (Heb.3:1) The Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts.2:36)
                      (2)  With the Altar there MUST be fire
                            (a)  The Fire is God's Word (Jer.23:29) Burning away the chaff
                            (b)  The sacrifice cannot be taken back (
                            (c)   Do not vow and not pay /hot / cold (Eccl.5:1-7)
                            (b)  Fire totally consumes the sacrifice (2Chron.29:28
                      (3)  There is only one Altar that atones(Lev.17:9-10)
                            (a)  This
Altar foreshadows Jesus. (Heb.9:1-10; 13:10, 1Peter.2:5) By "Him we offer..." As the
                                  reality of holy priesthood we offer our Burnt Offering sacrifice through Jesus unto God the
                                  Father. Confirming that the Brazen Altar foreshadows Jesus

                            (b)  Cut off if using wrong counterfeit Altar
(Lev.17:11, 2Cor.11:1-7
                 b.  Only the qualified priesthood can offer sacrifices / offerings (Lev.1:5, 15; 2:2; 3:2, Neh.7:62-65,  

                        (1)  The Church is the fulfillment of the Priesthood that offers (presents herself Rev.19:7-8) as a
                            Burnt Offering (1Peter.2:5-9, Rev.1:6; 5:10) which will make her a Holy, Glorious Church

                      (2)  The qualifications for being a Priest and for the offering to be acceptable
                            (a)  Must be born into the family of Levi (Num.)
                            (b)  Washed (Exod.28:. 30:11-17)
                            (c)  Clothed with the proper garments (Exod.28)
                            (d)  Anointed (Exod.28
                            (e)  No Blemishes to be found in the Priest (Lev.21:16-24, Eph.5:26-27) or in the sacrifice.
                                     (Lev.22:21-23, Mal.1:6-10)

                            Note: This qualification was required before offering the Burnt Offering

            2.  The word "Sacrifice" is
Bible Language(Rom.12:1-2, 1Peter.2:5) This is not a matter of translation 
                 This is not just King James language, it is
Bible Language. (Note: Neh.13:23)

            3.  The Burnt Offering was a voluntary offering of their own free will(Lev.1:3 The spiritual reality   
                   (1Peter.2:5) in the New Covenant is Romans.12:1 says, "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the
of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is
                 your reasonable service."

                 a.  Voluntary (delight (especially as shown):—(be) acceptable(-ance, -ed), delight, desire, favour, (good)
                      pleasure, (own, self, voluntary) will, as...(what) would.
[Strong's OT.#7522]
                      (1)  This Burnt Offering is one of
five offerings that were offered
                      (2)  Two were compulsory (Sin Offering and Trespass Offering)
                      (3)  Three were
voluntary (Burnt Offering, Meal (food) , and Peace offering)

                 b. I beseech (to call near, i.e. invite, invoke (by imploration, hortation or consolation):—beseech,
                     call for, (be of good) comfort, desire, (give) exhort(-ation), intreat, pray.you.
[Strong's NT.#]

                 c.  By the merciesof God - None of this is earned It is only by God's Grace. You are not giving up
                      anything. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
                      Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship,
(Rev.1:6; 5:10) created in
                      Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
           6.  Which is your reasonable service 
                a.  As a holy priesthood we are service the Tabernacle
                b.  Reasonable - is logical ( of course because we are to be prepared as a bride)
                c.  The serpent does not want your mind to be sound / clear

           7.  Be not conformed to this world (or it's image) You cannot be on the Altar and be conformed
                to this world.
                a.  What is the world?
(1John.2:16-18, 2Cor.11:1-4)
                     (1)  Lust of the flesh (
Gen.3:6 / Eve 2Cor.11:3 The tree was good for food)
                     (2)  The Lust of the eyes (
Gen.3:6 / Eve 2Cor.11:3 saw...pleasant to the eyes)
                     (3)  The pride of life (Gen.3:6 / Eve
2Cor.11:3 saw the tree would make one wise)
                b.  Jesus said, Satan has nothing in me
                c. Don't give the Satan an advantage
                d.  The serpent wants us to be conform to his purpose image

      C.  CONCLUSION: This will allow our minds to be renewed and take orders from our New man