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Phase 5  (Daniel's Prophecies)

Because God has only ONE PLAN and ONE PURPOSE, all of Daniel's visions and prophecies (Phase 5) must be introduced together as one picture to teach the balance  between the Church (the children of the promise / God's eternal Purpose Rom.9:8-9, Gal.4:25-30, Note:v.28) and the Jews today (the children of the flesh Abraham Rom.2:28-28; 9;8).

Daniel prophesied that "Messiah" would come (Dan.9:25). When Jesus, the Word  (John.1:1-14, 18 / 1John.5:7), came to be the Messiah, He “came unto His own" (the Jews / House of Judah / the children of the flesh of Abraham John.1:11, Matt.15:24, Rom.9:8-9). This was to confirm the covenant (Dan.9:27, Gal.3:17, Rom.15:8) that God, the Father (1John.5:7) made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Gen.12:1-2; 15:1-21; 17:1-8, John.8:56-58, Heb.11:8-10 / Rev.21:9-10), Moses (Acts.3:22, Gal.3:24, Heb.10:1, Rom.3:21-31)and David (Acts.2:30, 1Chron.17- -17). This confirmation was to reconcile both the Jew and the Gentile together in the Body of Christ / The Church / The "Israel of God" (Eph.2:1-19; 3:1-12, Gal.3:1-29; 6:15-16) This was rejected by the "children of the flesh" of Abraham, (the Jews) and they were "cut off" (Rom.11:20-25, Hosea.1:10,Matt.21:43) with the the promise of being graffed back in again (to the confirmation of the Covenant they rejected) "if they abide not still in unbelief." (Rom.9-11)

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