Phase 2

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Review: Phase 1
Now to  Phase 2  (God's Purpose and Plan)

God has recorded in (Genesis to Revelation)
ONE PLAN and ONE PURPOSE that has been "hid since the world began"
(Eph.3:1-12)  This chart below illustrates how each book from Genesis to Revelation tells how God's redemptive plan / purpose has unfolded book by book.  When coming into the New Testament (Covenant) Paul the apostle and wise master builder (1Cor.3:10) says, "Now all these things (The Law / Tabernacle / High Priest / Priesthood / Offerings / Psalm's / the Prophets) happened unto them (the children of Israel) asenamples(types): and they are written for our (the Churches) admonition." (1Cor.10:11)

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