I.  Any means 

      The word "means" - a turn, i.e. (by implication) mode or style (especially with preposition or relative prefix
      as adverb, like); figuratively, deportment or manners or character:—(even) as, conversation, (+ like) manner,
      (+ by any) means, way.
(Strong's Con. NT#5158)  While we are being preparing to be presented as a chaste
      virgin, we must be on alert (watch / pray) that by any "means" we would be 

      A.  Deportment 

           1.   In the English Dictionary 
                 a.  Noun - a person's behavior or manners
                 b.  Thesaurus - behavior, conduct, performance; manners, practices, actions.

​           2.   Conversation 
                 a.  Greek - Life style (Heb.13:7)  behavior:—conversation
[Strong's NT#391]  (Gal.1:13, Eph.4:22,
​                        1Tim.4:12, Heb.13:7, James.3:13, 1Peter.1:15; 2:12; 3:2, 16, 2Peter.2:7; 3:11) 

                  b.  Remember "them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God:
                      whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation." behavior:—conversation. 
​  Their everyday (habitual, lifestyle) behavior (Heb.13:7, 17) Their consistent fruit 
Is it Jesus Christ? (Heb,13:8) Is it everything that Jesus is? (John.1:1-14, Matt.5:17-19,
                        Gal.3:24 / Rom.3:21-31, 9:1-10)

                  d.  We are to know those that labor among us (1Thes.5:12-13) because there are tares among 
                      wheat (the
Church) today. 
(Matt.13:24-30, 36-43,  Jude.1:1-4, Isa.29:13, Deut.13:1-3, 2Cor.11:4,
The tares are "the children of the wicked one" (Matt.13:38)
                      (2)  The wheat (the
good seed are the children of the kingdom (Matt.13:38)
                      (3)  Note: The tares were planted among the wheat while the servants slept. (Matt.13:25) 
                             Jude says, (Jude.1:4) they "crept in unawares" (settled in alongside, i.e. lodge
[Strong's NT#3921] 

                            Note: The Thessalonians were told that Jesus is returning
(1Thes.4:13-18) and they
(1Thes.5:1-6) to watch (Don't sleep) because...
 the spirit of antichrist is already in 
the world, (1John.2:18-20, 27; 4:1-4) 
and that antichrist shall come 
(2Thes.2:1-3) before Jesus returns
   (4)  These "tares" are
spots "plucked up by the roots" (Matt.13:29-30, 40, Jude.1:1-11,
             2Peter.2:1-12 Eph.5:27)
                            (a)  Spots - going the way of Cain
(Gen.4:1-4, 1John.3:12-13, Heb.11:4)

                              (b)  Spots - going the way of Balaam for rewards / money (Num.22-24, 2Peter.2:12-16,

                            (c)  Spots perished in the gainsaying of Core? (Kohath) Gen.46:10-12, Num.3:27-32;
​                                     4:1-15; 16:1-45)

                      (5)  Solution: Let them grow together until... (Matt.13:28, 1Thes.5:12-13)

           3.   Paul said. "Follow me as I follow Christ. (1Cor.11:1) 
                 Christ must be preeminent! The leader does not replace Christ, their example should continually
                 point us [through their behavior / lifestyle] to Christ and NOT to themselves. (Note: Matt.7:14-18)

                 a.  What is following Christ?
                      (1)  I will do and say the same thing as Christ (Matt.28-30 equally yoked 2Cor.6:14-18) This is
                             done by the study of God's written Word which tells you what Jesus says, and what Jesus

                      (2)  Christ must have preeminence in all things. (Col.1:18) not any personalities. (1Cor.1:12-13,
​                             Acts.10:34)

                 b.  The context of 1 and 2 Corinthains
​                      False leadership had come into the Corinthian church with another Jesus, gospel and 
                      another spirit (1Cor.11:1-15) 
                      (1)  They were commending themselves (2Cor.3:1, Matt.)
                      (2)  Paul's answer was "Ye (you) are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of
                            all men"
Note: The Fruit / evidence / everyone can see, not just a handful of
                            people / not just in his circle, but "all men."
                      (3) These "certain men" had slipped in (settled in alongside, i.e. lodge stealthily [Strong's NT#3921] 
                            into the Church. (Jude.1:1-4) NOTE; "by any means!"

                 c.  It's not what you say it's what you do Matt.7:15-20)" (Heb.13:7, 1Thes.5:12-13, 1Thes.5:21) 
                      Lifestyle / fruit / example - Jesus Christ)
                      (1)  The leader that has be taken from the people / saints (Num.1:47-54;2:17 / 1Cor.10:1-11)
                      (2)  To be among the people / saints, for the people / saint (Luke.22:24-26)
                      (3)  To serve the congregation are both to be (2Cor.1:23-24)
                            Both are to worship, looking at Jesus.

                 d.  The congregation still needs to take responsibility for their own walk before the Lord.

​                 e.  Those that labor amongst us will be accountable for their example

           2.   Manner - as the "manner of some is" "Manner" - a usage (prescribed by habit or law):—custom,    
​                 manner, be wont.• [Custom in Eng. Dict - a thing that one does habitually] This lifestyle / behavior. 
                 "for their very works [fruit, evidence] sake" (1Thes.5:13)