I.  What is the Abomination of Desolation(Dan.9:27)

‚Äč      Jesus said, "When ye (you) therefore shall see the abomination
[33] of desolation, [34] spoken of by
      Daniel the prophet,
stand (standing) in the holy place, (whoso readeth, [whoever reads this] let him
(Matt.24:15, Mark.13:14, Luke.21:20-24) Review: PHASE 5, Page 7, Vll.A

      A.  The Abomination is the rejection of Christ being the Messiah
           1.  This is because of the
context of the 70 Week Prophecy.(Dan.9:24-27)
        a.  Count the number of years
until Messiah,which began with "commandment to restore
                        and to build Jerusalem" (Dan.9:25, 2Chron.36:21-22), Ezra.1-10, Neh.1-13) This took 7 Weeks

                        (49 years). THE CONTEXT IS MESSIAH THE PRINCE. Review: PHASE 5, Page.6,I
                  b.  Then there was a waiting period of 62 Weeks (434 years)
until Messiah the Prince.
                       69 Weeks (483 years)  THE
                   c.  Then Gabriel told Daniel that
after 69 weeks MESSIAH will be CUT OFF BUT NOT FOR HIMSELF.
CONTEXT IS STILL ABOUT MESSIAH. Gabriel did NOT say when  Messiah would be cut off
                        because was not finished  prophesying about Messiah

                  d.  Now 69 Weeks have been accounted for and the PURPOSE (Dan.9:24) of the 70 weeks to be
                       fulfilled  leaving one week (7 years)

                         (1)  A Review of the Purpose of the 70 Week Prophecy
                    To finish the transgression.
[1] To make an end of sins.[2]To make reconciliation for
[3] To bring in everlasting righteousness.[6] To seal up the vision and prophecy.[7]
                              To anoint the most Holy.
[8] These will happen at the Second Coming of JESUS / THE MESSIAH

                       (2)  There is one part of the purpose that has happen

To make reconciliation for iniquity.[3This happened at the Cross[00] when JESUS    
was crucified as our Passover Lamb.Our interpretation must show where   
                           reconciliation for iniquity
is fulfilled in the 70th week (i.e. 7 years)  because it cannot be   
                           separated from the purpose
, and there is only one  week (7 years) left.

                  e.  Gabriel says, "after" 69 weeks the anointed one,
(MESSIAH / JESUS / The WORD made flesh) will
                       be "cut off," but not for Himself. (John.1:1, Isa.53:1-8, 2Cor.5:21)   

                       (1)  We know that
JESUS / MESSIAH(John.1:41; 4:15) ministered for 3 1/2 years
                              before being cut off (crucified)   
                              (a)  The first Passover (John.2:13-15)
                              (b)  The second Passover (John.5:1)
                              (c)   The third Passover (Matt.26:20)
                       (2)  This fills in the time period of the ministry of
JESUS / MESSIAH until His crucifixion (3 1/2 years)
                       (3)  We do know that
JESUS / MESSIAH came unto His own (Daniel's people Dan.9:24) to confirm   
                              the  covenant that God made with
Daniel's people(Gal.3:16-17)
                       (4)  We do know that...
                              (a)  The Nation of Israel (the children of the flesh of Abraham / House of Judah / Jews /
(JESUS')ownJohn.1:11) rejected  JESUS as the MESSIAH and they "cut off" (crucified)
                                    Him.(Acts.3:11-15, Rom.9-11) - Word made flesh (John.1:1-14)
                              (b)  They rejected the Redeeming blood of
JESUS / MESSIAH and continued with their animal
                                    sacrifices (Heb.10:26-31)
            THIS WAS THE ABOMINATION (Lev.26:14-15; 27-33)

                              (c)  They rejected
JESUS CHRIST / MESSIAH as the only High Priest Kept their own high priest.
                                     (Heb.2:17; 3:1; 4:14-17; 5:1-6; 6:19-20; 7:1-28; 8:1-5; 9:1-10; 10:1-25)

                       (6)  We do know that the Titus and the Roman Army came and destroyed the city and the
                              sanctuary, and made their ABOMINATION DESOLATE 
                        (7)  Daniel said it would OVERSPREAD (Dan.9:26-27)
(or the full number of the Gentiles be brought in)



2Gabriel says, "he (now identified as
JESUS / MESSIAH THE PRINCE) shall confirm the covenant with
                  many (of the children of the flesh of Abraham Rom.9:1-8; 27) for one week: (i.e. 7 years) and in the
                  midst of the week (after 3 1/2 years) he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, (Heb.9:1-10;
and for the overspreading of abominations
(times of the Gentiles) he shall make it desolate,
                  (Note: Matt.23:36; 24:1-2; 15) even until the consummation, (the end) and that determined shall be
                  poured upon the desolate. (Revelation and judgement of God in the Trinbulation / man of sin /    

The next question is, What about the idol that stands in the Holy Place?

                      (Coming Soon)



If you see the abomination as the idol of the antichrist standing in the Most Holy Place. THEN your
understand of
Dan.9:24-27 will be CENTERED on the antichrist

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