FOOTNOTES / Will there be a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem?


1.   Your House - The Jews (The children of the flesh of Abraham Rom.9:1-8) had corrupted God's House /
      Temple / Sanctuary so badly that "the glory of the Lord departed." (Ichabod  Note: 1Sam.4:22) Now they own  
      it. They had made the "commandment of God (the entire Law. The Temple, Feast days, The Offerings, The 
      High Priest and the Priesthood) of none effect by their tradition." (Matt.15:9) and rejected Jesus 
(God manifest
​      in the flesh John.1:1-14). The "care of this world (John.2:16) and deceitfulness of riches, choked out the word
​      (The Law of Moses) and they had become unfruitful" (Matt.13:22 "of none effect")

2.   Desolate - Strong's NT# 2048 - lonesome, i.e. (by implication) waste (usually as a noun, G5561 being
      implied): —desert, desolate, solitary, wilderness.

3.  Name recorded - It is NO coincidence that the antichrist (who wants to be just "like" the Lord Jesus Christ)
     demands that the number of his name be taken before buying or selling.

4. Coming though the Cross - Everything from the Old Testament MUST be brought through the Cross in the
    New Covenant. The purpose of the Old 
Covenant / Testament was to "bring us to Christ." (Gal.3:24, Heb.9:1-26;
    10:1-23, Col.2:16-17)

5. Philosophy - Strong's Con. NT#5385 - from G5386; "philosophy", i.e. (specially), Jewish sophistry:—philosophy.
​    The English Dictionary defines "sophistry" as, the use of fallacious [based on a mistaken belief] 
with the 
    intention of deceiving.

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