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  F. Adam and Eve and the first wedding                                      
       When the Holy Spirit wanted to instruct us about being prepared as a Bride for Christ, he used 
       Adam and Eve.
(2Tim.3:16, Eph.5:21-33, Gen.2:18-25) Jesus is called the "last Adam," (1Cor.15:45) and
       the Church is compared to
Eve. (2Cor.11:1-3)Note: To use any other language to describe the marriage
       of Christ and His Church will "confound" and  frustrate the purpose of a "glorious Church (Bride) not
       having spot, or wrinkle, or  any such thing;...that it should be holy and without
blemish." (Eph.5:27) Our
       example of marriage should be taken from Christ and the Church. Christ and His Bride should not

       be explained by our marriages or Jewish tradition weddings and customs. (Matt.15:6,

       2Cor.10:12, Eph.4:13, Rev.11:1)                   
Some say this will never happen, and "confound" God's purpose by saying or speaking that there is no    
       way we will ever come to the "unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect
(Eph.5:27) unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:" (Eph 4:13-14)